OMAN: Over 10,000 jobs provided in three months

OMAN: Over 10,000 jobs provided in three months

May 01, 2021

Over 10, 000 job opportunities (10,196) were provided during the first quarter of this year, which is 31.6 percent of the numbers targeted by the Ministery of Labour for 2021.

This achievement is due to various measures taken by the Ministry of Labor to fulfill what it had committed to in its executive plan announced in January this year.

The report said 4,051 job opportunities were presented in the units of the state’s administrative apparatus, including replacements.- 1,330 in the Ministry of Health, 2,469 in the Ministry of Education, 115 in the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, 92 at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences and other institutions.

The report indicated that 51 job opportunities were provided in companies and institutions that fall under the supervision of the Authority for Public Services Regulation, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and others.

The number of Omanis who were appointed for the first time in the private sector is 3010, which include 677 citizens without a General Education Diploma, 909 citizens with a General Education Diploma and its equivalent, 390 citizens with a university diploma, 1,011 university graduates, and 23 citizens with a master's and doctorate degrees.

In addition, 110 job opportunities were provided through the Ministry of Labor initiatives resulting from the decisions of localization of professions, the initiative to finance educational qualification and partial work initiatives, and 2,974 job opportunities resulting from training and qualification in the human resources development sector represented in training associated with employment, on-the-job training, and the entrepreneurship program for small and medium enterprises.


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