29 April 2021

To the Resident of

South Granville Ward

Dear Resident


Council is in the process of determining the future Pensioner Rate Rebate Policy for eligible residents within the new boundaries which now represent Cumberland City Council. As the former Lord Mayor of Parramatta, and your current Ward Councillor, I am aware of the generous rate rebate which eligible pensioners received from the former Parramatta City Council.

The rebate was larger than that provided by either the former Auburn or Holroyd Councils (approx. $100 more). The future policy which Council proposes is presently on exhibition and supports the continuation of the extra $100.

I am writing to you today as part of my continued support of the continuation of this policy, however, during discussion on this issue, various Councillors from other wards outside of the former Parramatta area expressed a desire to eliminate the extra benefits provided under the former Council Policy.

As the Pensioner Rate Rebate Policy is presently on exhibition, I encourage all residents who would be affected, to make known their views on this matter by submitting a submission to Council.

The exhibited policy supports Option 2 which is a good result for pensioners. I strongly encourage you to make a submission, this will ensure that your representations are heard, and Council can make the appropriate decision.

The document is available on Council’s web page

As your local Ward Councillor, I will continue to advocate on your behalf for residents of the South Granville Ward to receive the maximum rebate.

If you require further information on this matter, please contact myself on 0414 504 504 and I would be happy to discuss this matter in more detail and how it may affect you.

Yours faithfully

Clr Paul Garrard



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