ISF CHIEF: We are Facing Massive Violence by Infiltrators, Arrests Being Made Lawfully

ISF CHIEF: We are Facing Massive Violence by Infiltrators, Arrests Being Made Lawfully

16 Jan 2020

Lebanon - Internal Security Forces, Major General, Imad Osman, on Thursday regretted that members of the Internal Security Forces had been suffering for 90 days being deployed on the streets across the country whilst also being exposed to various types of cruel practices.

"I extend my sincere apologies to the journalists and reporters who were assaulted while covering yesterday's protests. When one of the photographers got injured, I called him and expressed solidarity with him -- just the way I would with injured security forces' members," Osman said in a press conference he held earlier this evening at the ISF headquarters in Achrafieh.

"We are facing a lot of violence by infiltrators; we are all exposed to errors, but we are also willing to shed our blood for our country's sake," he added. "We protected our country, and we fought crime; the security forces are the link between the citizen and his right to justice."

Moreover, Osman went on to make clear that the ISF's crime combatting capabilities have improved. "We practice our tasks with sincerity and love towards our homeland, not for personal interests," he affirmed.

Osman also asserted that all the arrests that have been made thus far were based on the law and consequently referred to the judiciary.

"Administrative Police is tasked to protect people, as well as private and public property; it is also tasked to protect freedoms within the limits of the law," Osman explained.

"Since October 17, 483 ISF members have been wounded, and during the previous two days 100 ISF members got wounded -- which is equivalent to one third of the riot police," Osman added.


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