Any aggression to a GCC Member State is an aggression on all member states," The Riyadh Declaration

We took note of the agreement signed by the Yemeni government and Transitional Council.” Kuwait Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Sabah more

Al-Hajraf has a vast experience in public and private sector management, education, and financial consulting.

Al-Hajraf... Second Kuwaiti as Secretary General of the GCC more

Amal Movement hold onto a technopolitical government led by Hariri

Bassil says FPM won't participate in Hariri-led technopolitical government more

Discussed several topics of concerning cooperation in media for news agencies in the Islamic countries

Oman attends UNA meeting more

UK general election a 'turning point' for the country

The re-election of PM, Boris Johnson, confirms that "getting Brexit done" is the will of the British people. more

Kuwait is one of the countries backing many projects and programs of the UN

Kuwait plays leading role in several fields -- UNGA more


NSW conditions ease as 2.2m hectares burn

Australia’s Aerial Firefighting Capability

High demand for apartments in Sydney and Melbourne

One Third of Large Companies Pay no Tax Under Morrison Despite $24 Million AD Campaign

Skin cancer diagnosis in Qld increases by 177 per cent

Education minister calls for increased teacher training

The White Island volcano disaster in New Zealand

Matt Kean playing 'virtue-signalling game' by feeding 'climate alarmism'

Agriculture Ministers Meeting on Drought

Consumers "are worried about the economy"

Albanese calls to debate sending Australian troops into war

Central Sydney CBD set to Thrive more

Assad said in an interview with the Italian "Ray News 24" channel

Assad: What happens in Lebanon is good if it is spontaneous and aims to rid it of sectarianism more

Ardern : “in regular communication with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and will continue to do so”.

'No signs of life': Five dead, eight missing following volcano eruption more

Kuwait’s permanent support for Lebanon and the Lebanese people.

HARIRI Contacts Emir of Kuwait more

HM Sultan Qaboos leaves for Belgium

HM Sultan Qaboos leaves for Belgium more


NSW blazes merge to become 'mega fire'

More anti-terror police to start patrolling Australian airports

Many threats to our values: Home Affairs

Lifetime refugee visa ban not on PM agenda

Updated export laws to beef up farm sector

Going Global: Putting NSW on the World Stage

Biggest public service shake-up in decades to claim senior scalps

New intelligence taskforce led by ASIO to combat foreign interference

Building a Better Future for Young People

Lambie backs govt to repeal medevac bill

GDP expansion worst since 2008 due to 'anemic' consumer confidence more

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