The achievements that have been accomplished in all fields remain more eloquent than any statement and stronger than all words...


“By bringing forward these important road projects we will drive jobs, boost the economy and make roads safer

Faster Delivery of Road and Rail Projects to Boost South Australia’s Economy more

Profile of new PM Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah

Kuwait Amir urges new PM to crack down on corruption more

Unicef praises child rights in Oman

The UNICEF office in Oman celebrates World Children's Day, in cooperation with the Ministry of Information more

Out-of-control blaze burning in the Hawkesbury region

Firefighters on high alert as conditions deteriorate in NSW, Qld and SA more

General Aoun commended the "level of professionalism, discipline, high morality and courage demonstrated by the army...

ARMY COMMANDER Calls for "Moving Away From Rumors Aimed at Creating a Rift Between Citizens and the Military Institution" more


US offers to rescue Australian Islamic State families in Syria

If a catastrophe can't pause the culture war, we really are in a lot of trouble

Arsonists should 'have the book thrown at them, twice'

Australia 'can move towards' a 100% renewable future

New bypass machine saves Melbourne father after serious pneumonia diagnosis

Cardinal George Pell wins final bid for freedom

Tony Abbott 'should head' an Australian 'bushfire task force' more

"There shall be no protection to a corrupt, and this file will have my personal attention,"

No one will evade public funds' crimes - Kuwait Amir more

Johnson hopes to win a majority to push through the last-minute Brexit deal he struck with the EU last month

UK PM sets out immigration plans more

Kuwait Amir's wisdom is of int'l status - Bahrain Deputy PM

Image result for Kuwait Amir's

Kuwait Amir's "wisdom" sure to shore up political stability - Speaker Al-Ghanim more

Three teenagers have been arrested in relation to a grassfire

Bushfires ease with rain, Israel Folau blames bushfires on same-sex marriage and abortion more

More than 900 representatives from Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been trained ...

NATO: Long-standing partnership with Kuwait moves forward more

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