Lebanon and Australia’s bond of friendship grows ever tighter
"Embassy’s plan of action for the years to come aims at pushing forward Lebanese-Australian relations and exploring new possibilities for co-operation and partnership" – Milad Raad

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Tarabay praised the historic relations that unite the two churches in Australia, the world and our motherland.

Hi Beatitude John X from Australia: "We cannot accept the decision of US President Trump on Jerusalem because it is contrary to international legitimacy."

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Liberal holds Bennelong despite swing

Heartbreaking memorial to Australian tragedy unveiled in Sydney CBD

Blame PM for citizenship mess: Shorten

Australian universities accused of sharing military technology with China

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Peaceful rally opposes Trump’s Jerusalem move

“The Palestinians are a people with a fighting spirit who have endured 70 years of occupation they will endure 70 years more but will never give up.” Shaoquett Moselmane MLC

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Sydney man charged with being 'economic agent' for North Korea
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HARIRI: Amnesty issue very serious, relationship with saudi kingdom historic
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Turkish Pres. slams bias in Western media against Palestinians
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Frangieh receives Australian Ambassador
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Religious summit demands Trump reverse Jerusalem call
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Calls for training Kuwaiti youth for future responsibility

Kuwaiti Information Minister: "Kuwait cultural and human history must be spread Worldwide"

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Berri welcomes UN's Kardel, lauds Unifil efforts
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Al-Ghanim: Unified Arab stance "needed" against US Jerusalem decision
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