Message From the Prime Minister - EID AL-FITR 2020

"I honour the sacrifices made by the Muslim community during these times. Your efforts have protected others" more

“No to the Taef, no to the quota state and no to the quota system,”

Qabalan calls for dropping sectarian formula, holding accountable those who stole public money and opening a channel with Damascus regarding the displaced more

From Australia - News in Brief

Berejiklian pushed on pubs by Perrottet

NSW students return to the classroom full-time

Security crackdown for Sydney peak hour commute

JobKeeper error sparks division over additional $60 billion

Federal government urges states, territories to reopen borders

Police investigate the crush in Greenacre

Scott Morrison’s secret plan to save Australia from economic ruin

NSW premier unveils plan for foreign students to return to study

Construction and jobs boom for Western Sydney

Fears China could further cripple Aust exports

Labor MP: Australia should 'take Chinese officials at their word'

China needs to 'cop a bit back' from Australia: Pauline Hanson

Housing industry stands to lose half a million jobs

Is Parramatta the last place in Australia to get the NBN? more

Greetings for Eid el-Fitr from NSW Leader of Opposition

Greetings from Jodi Mckay MP the NSW Leader of Opposition more

EID Mubarak - from the Middle East Times Int'l

EID Mubarak - from the Middle East Times Int'l more

Greetings for Eid el-Fitr from Guy ZANGARI MP the member for Fairfield

Greetings for Eid el-Fitr from Guy ZANGARI MP the member for Fairfield more

ROP arrested 40 expatriates on charges of gathering and conducting Eid prayers in Ghala Industrial Zone

Coronavirus: ROP takes tough action against violators more

The proximity of the history of the incident to Anzac Day on April 25

The 35th anniversary of the displacement of the Chouf Coast more

Bassil: Corruption in Lebanon is organized and protected by a system stronger than us

Gebran Bassil:  “We see in the crisis an opportunity to correct everything that has not been rectified for thirty years more

Reviewed aspects of the existing cooperation between the two countries in various...

HM Sultan Haitham gives audience to Qatari Deputy Prime Minister more

Mr Morrow said this statement “underlines the fact that Scott Morrison did the absolute right thing”.

Chinese newspaper warns “If China wanted to start a trade war with Australia, it wouldn't use a measure of this degree.” more

Lebanon at risk of a major food crisis

"...Many Lebanese have already stopped buying meat, fruits and vegetables, and may soon find it difficult to afford even bread," PM Hassan Diab more

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