Thousands of Pakistani Islamists had clashed with police.. and France advises its citizens to leave...
Aoun is still on his stance ... but he only wants the approval of the cabinet so that everyone can bear his responsibility
The rehabilitation of the intensive care unit at the Lebanese Geitawi University Hospital
US President Joe Biden nominates Christy Abizaid (Lebanese origin) to anti-terrorism leadership position
Ramadan Mubarak from NSW Labor & Jodi McKay MP
Ending the Afghanistan quagmire
Kuwait relief society to reconstruct 4 schools in Yemen
Kuwait Amir congratulates Arab, Muslim leaders on Ramadan
Gladys Berejiklian message Ramadan
Ramadan Message from the Grand Mufti of Australia - Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamad.
From Australia - News in Brief

PM seeks medical experts’ advice on travel plan for Australians

Eight people killed in mass shooting at US FedEx facility

Final preparations for UK’s Prince Phillip’s funeral put in place

US imposes new sanctions on Russia

Australian troops to drawdown in Afghanistan

PM: The ABC's reporting of navy dance performance was 'wrong, false" Labor welcomes Menulog's new employment model

Education review focused on the ‘best and brightest’ to teaching degrees

Number of Australians employed hits ‘historic’ high

Qantas to add 100 flights a week as international travel resumes

Labor calls for investigation into shipping container

States push for return of international students

NATO pledges support for Ukraine amid escalating conflict with Russia

Removing the official French town page due to name similarity more

A Great Opportunity For Jobs - Labourers Needed more

Aoun asserts Lebanon’s legal rights on border demarcation as US undersecretary David Hale visits

"... the President affirmed that Lebanon has the right… in accordance with international law.” President’s Office

 Lebanon is still a concern of the United States …” Caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Charbel Wehbe

 America and the international community are ready to help.” US Assistant Secretary of State David Hale

It is time now to call on Lebanese leaders to show sufficient flexibility to form a government... " David Hale more

British Royal Family honours Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, as he is laid to rest at Windsor Castle

“We have been inspired by his unwavering loyalty to our Queen … service to the nation and … by his courage, fortitude and faith,” Dean of Windsor David Conner

No planes landed or took off at Heathrow for six minutes to coincide with the national minute’s silence

All major sporting events were rescheduled to avoid a clash with the funeral. more

Former Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Andrew Peacock dies in the US

“A great Australian and a treasure of the Liberal Party”- Prime Minister Scott Morrison

You will live within us forever and ever.” - Daughter Ann Peacock

Australia had lost one of its “political greats”- Treasurer Josh Frydenberg more

It is always playing an unique role to promote dialogue and consensus among parties in conflict, and made positive contributions to regional and world peace,” said Li Lingbing

Chinese ambassador values Oman’s role in promoting peace, moderation more

Bassil says FPM does not want to participate in new government

"Give us reform, and take the government"

"We want a bold, clean and effective judiciary.”

“We will not let you turn back 30 years.”

“ … we want a government …” more

From Australia - News in Brief

Morrison government announces an investment that will make Australia home for the world's largest radio telescope

Pyne makes ‘alarming comments’ over possible war with China

Prince Philip worshipped by indigenous people in Vanuatu ...

Princes William and Harry release statements honouring their grandfather

House prices are still rising and so are concerns about housing affordability

NSW residents to remain vigilant as storm season draws to a close..

NSW LABOR backs former miner Jeff Drayton for Upper Hunter by-election

Local governments eyeing plan to charge up to $140 for hard rubbish


Family finds snake in bag of ALDI lettuce

Egyptian authorities demand $1b in compensation for Suez Canal block

Biden Will Pull US Troops Out of Afghanistan by September 11 more

The cabinet called on citizens and residents to adhere to social distancing rules and other coronavirus precautionary measures...

Kuwaiti Cabinet restricts several Ramadan rituals to curb virus spread more

“Therefore, Britain and late Prince Philip, have a special place in the hearts of the Lebanese.” Lebanese President Michel Aoun

Aoun offers congratulations to Lebanese Muslims, condolences to British Royal Family more

From Australia - News in Brief

Australian PM, G-G lead Australian service in memory of Prince Phillip

Prince Harry to leave UK quarantine for funeral service of his grandfather

NSW resumes AstraZeneca vaccine rollout

Israel sees Iran’s nuclear policy as an ‘existential threat’

Sir Peter Cosgrove: The memory of Prince Philip ‘resonates with Australians’

International travel for Australians likely won’t return until 2024

Labor's NSW conference  delayed over Upper Hunter by-election

NSW premier celebrates completion of public 'harbour foreshore' walk

Newly released book about PM says he 'intends to leave' after winning 2022 election

Christian Democratic Party founder Fred Nile, to retire from parliament

Vietnam makes claim on disputed territory amid naval build-up more

HM instructed all officials of the government to undertake all procedures for addressing any negative impacts that might affect citizens’ livelihood...

HM the Sultan presides over Fiscal Balance Committee’s meeting more

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