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EU High Representative Federica Mogherini

EU supports any Kuwaiti initative to defuse regional tensions


BRUSSELS-- The European Union's (EU) top diplomat for foreign and security policy Monday praised Kuwait as a "credible country," saying the 28-member bloc supports any Kuwaiti initiative to foster peace and security in the region.

Federica Mogherini, speaking at a press conference after the meeting of EU foreign ministers, said the talks centered on security in the Gulf region, which she said "is extremely relevant for the European security but also for the security of the world as such." "We discussed today the need for the EU to support and accompany any initiative that would come from the region itself," added the EU official.

In reply to a question by KUNA, she said "you come from a country that has a credibility and reputation and role to play in this respect." "I had the honour to discuss this several times in Kuwait. Others around the Gulf have floated ideas in the region about either regional conferences or back channels to be opened," said the EU foreign policy chief.

"We believe it is not for the EU as such to launch an initiative , but it is for the EU to offer support and accompany any initiative that would be initiated in the region and that would be inclusive and with an eye to decrease tensions and finding ways to live together peacefully," she added.

She stressed that the EU will support any imitative that "is seeing the regional actors as the key drivers." "The EU member states have a significant experience on how to live together even when tensions arise in a peaceful manner," added Mogherini.


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