SC live: 190 covid-19 patients in ICU

SC live: 190 covid-19 patients in ICU


Muscat: Dr. Ahmed Mohammed al Saeedi, Minister of Health, member of the Supreme Committee on COVID-19, on Thursday said the Sultanate for the first time has 190 covid-19 patients in intensive care units.

The minister was speaking to the media during the the 16th press conference of the Supreme Committee  today.

“Today for the first time we have 190 patients in intensive care units (ICUs). The recovery rate has decreased from 94 to 91% due to the increase in cases,” added the minister.

Sultanate is all set to open the first field hospital in two weeks.

Highlights from the press meet

  1. Minister of Health: There is clear disregard for social distancing and other rules in public places.

  2. Minister of Health: The numbers do not mean that institutions have failed in their duty, but cases are increasing in the world and it is overburdening the health sector.

  3. Minister of Health: Two weeks ago we lost a 37-year-old nurse

  4. Minister of Health: The return of employees to work and opening of commercial activities are leading to the spread of the virus, but the main reason is the lack of compliance with precautionary measures, social distancing.

  5. Minister of Health: I call on all government and private agencies to adhere to the decisions and guidelines followed to limit the spread of the virus

  6. Minister of Information: The media has a great role in combating rumors and raising the necessary awareness of the spread Covid 19

  7. Minister of Information: We are living in a difficult situation and everyone must take measures and coexist with any situation aimed at curbing the spread of the virus.

  8. Minister of Transport: The seventh package of activities will be approved at the next meeting of the Supreme committee

  9. CEO of Civil Aviation Authority, Dr. Mohammed bin Nasser al Zaabi,: Civil Aviation Authority took measures to sustain aviation activities, including the operation of flights for the return of citizens from abroad and cargo

  10. CEO of Civil Aviation Authority: Even private and non-scheduled flights are subject to health and safety protocols at airports as well as onboard aircraft

  11. CEO of Civil Aviation Authority: A travel guide has been released and will be available on the Civil Aviation Authority website


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