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Nasrallah: We have nothing at Beirut port and the investigation will prove that tomorrow

07 Aug 2020

Lebanon – In a televised speech Friday evening in wake of the tragedy that hit the capital, following the massive explosion at Beirut Port that shattered its neighborhoods and left behind hundreds of wounded and dead victims, Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, strongly denied any link with the explosive material at the port.

“I absolutely and categorically deny that we had anything in the port: no weapon warehouse, no missile, no rifle, no bomb, no bullet, no ammonium nitrate, nor anything whatsoever, not now, not in the past and not in the future, and the investigation will verify that tomorrow,” Nasrallah underlined.

He considered that "the priority now is for sympathy and solidarity, not political debate,” and the most important point at this stage is “accountability.”

“There is an investigation that will take place, and the President and Prime Minister spoke about a decisive and serious investigation," he maintained.

In this context, Nasrallah deemed the accusations against Hezbollah as being “unjust”, hoping that the Lebanese public opinion would hold some media outlets “accountable” once the facts emerge regarding the Beirut port blast. “We are betting on people's awareness, and that these stations have a history of falsification and reversing of the facts," Nasrallah affirmed.

Offering his deepest condolences over the fallen victims who lost their lives as a result of the massive blast, Nasrallah asked the Lord Almighty to grant their families comfort and solace to endure their tragic loss, and to the injured speedy recovery. "We are facing a major national calamity by all standards,” he said, calling for "solidarity among all to face this painful ordeal."

The Hezbollah Secretary-General praised the "great efforts demonstrated by various official and party agencies and institutions," and valued the "people's eagerness to help the state apparatuses," considering this as "a sign of a national and moral sense in all regions and squares." He also referred to "the presence of Hezbollah with all its institutions and bodies from the very first moment," placing the party’s capabilities at the disposal of the state and the people, and every family that has lost its home.

"We are before a huge catastrophe that has enormous humanitarian, health and economic consequences," Nasrallah said.

He also commended the “external scene represented by the countries of the world, the authorities, the powers, the resistance movements, the elites, the media and the parties, for their great sympathy and willingness to provide aid to Lebanon, and the brotherly and friendly countries that have sent valued aids and the countries that announced their readiness to provide support…and the visit of the French President, to which we look positively, and to all assistance and sympathy and every visit during these days, if it is to help Lebanon or call for unison."

The Party’s Secretary-General regretted that some local and Arab media and political forces, through the direct statements of their officials, have declared that the explosion is the result of missiles or ammunition and materials stored in the port belonging to Hezbollah. "The aim is to tell the people and residents of Beirut that the one behind all this is Hezbollah, which denotes a high degree of injustice and dishonesty. Hezbollah, like all, has suffered as a result of what happened, with its people and all the Lebanese," he said.

Nasrallah stressed "the need for a fair, transparent and just investigation," adding that “if all view the Lebanese military institution as reliable, then let the army handle the investigation.”

He believed that "a calamity of this kind should not be sectarian or politicized, and if an investigation and trial are not carried out, the Lebanese have no hope of building a state."

Addressing the resistance’s supporters and audience, Nasrallah urged them "not to worry," saying: "Those who are betting on a mirage will be disappointed, because the resistance today is greater, stronger and more giant to be undermined by some liars, forgers, and those pushing for a civil war."


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