Save the Date: Online fundraiser Tues 26 May 8-9pm AEST



We are thrilled to announce our first ever online fundraiser on Tuesday 26 May 2020

Overcoming Together

As someone who cares about people getting along with those of other faiths and backgrounds, we hope you might spare an hour to attend this top-notch online fundraiser.

During this difficult time, some of the cracks in our society are showing, and the need to foster understanding and combat racism including anti-Chinese, anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish bigotry is clear. Our team does great work in schools on this, and we need your support to continue this important work.

Charities like ours are under pressure, with some donors unable to support as much as they wish, and trying to keep staff with limited cash flow and no physical events is challenging.

We are excited to bring you a wonderful event that includes a stellar line-up of speakers and performers. See below for more information and to register your attendance - registration is free.


Formal invitation to online fundraiser

Overcoming Together to follow soon

Please join us, and get your friends to join us, for what promises to be an inspiring evening!



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