Fair go for parking - So why Parramatta Council not...?

Fair go for parking  - So why Parramatta Council not...?

Every year Councils in NSW have events and are able to temporarily change parking conditions for the increased number of motorists. Every year we receive numerous complaints about parking fines from the City Council of Parramatta for worshipers attending the Church of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harris Park for prayer during religious ceremonies, especially on Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter.

Due to limited parking, families with young children, older family members and those with disabled family have no alternative but to park in non parking areas or areas with restrictions. Many have no other option than to park at NO STOPPING areas because they cannot find anywhere to stop. Public transport is not adequate and not a practical option.

This is not fair. So why is Parramatta Council not providing a temporary lift on parking restrictions and instead taking the easy option of milking the worshiper's money?


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