Bassil: Corruption in Lebanon is organized and protected by a system stronger than us

Gebran Bassil:  “We see in the crisis an opportunity to correct everything that has not been rectified for thirty years

Gebran Bassil:  “We see in the crisis an opportunity to correct everything that has not been rectified for thirty years

17 May 2020

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Lebanon – "Free Patriotic Movement" Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, held a press conference on Sunday, in which he tackled the economic plan, fuel and corruption, and presented some solutions to get the country out of its successive crises.

“Corruption is an essential part of restoring confidence in the state by the Lebanese and the international community,” Bassil said, adding that in the battle against corruption, three paths are pursued, namely laws, the judiciary and people by exposing them to act. He considered that corruption in Lebanon is organized and protected by a stronger system, which requires the help and support of the people to be conquered. He reiterated that his Movement’s main concern is to save the country, adding that there can be no safe future for Lebanon without eradicating corruption.

Referring to the laws to combat corruption, Bassil reiterated that his bloc has presented several anti-corruption laws to be studied and approved by the Parliamentary Sub-Committees, such as the Financial Crimes Court Law, the Law of Recovering Looted Funds, and the Law of Disclosure of Accounts and Property.

On the subject of fraudulent fuel, Bassil deemed that there are two crimes: a political offense and a criminal offense, noting that in both cases, the FPM was the one to expose and confront, contrary to the false claims and allegations against the Movement.

He added that the losses in the electricity dossier are huge, while noting that the figures that are being circulated to hold his bloc responsible for the collapse are false. 

As for the financial economic plan, Bassil said that his bloc has always proposed integrated solutions to Lebanon’s crises, pointing to the bloc’s recently presented objective paper during the Baabda Meeting, in which it assessed and outlined the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s reform plan. 

Bassil expressed his readiness for any understanding step to fortify the rescue process, unless the other refuses due to betting wrongly on a weak position by the Free Patriotic Movement. “We see in the crisis an opportunity to correct everything that has not been rectified for thirty years in terms of money, economy, corruption and sectarianism," he asserted.

Bassil considered that the nation deserves every effort to ensure its salvation, voicing readiness to improve the relationship with any external party if this matter helps Lebanon to rise and does not violate its sovereignty; in addition to reaching national understanding or local convergence with any internal party if it is to help in Lebanon’s advancement.

Referring to the President of the Republic’s status, Bassil underlined that “the President in Lebanon does not fall, unless he wants to resign, which will not happen with General Aoun…but if the opportunity materializes he will emerge stronger, so they do not want this opportunity to be realized and they wish for collapse...”

As for FPM, he said that “it is a Movement of a people with a cause….and our people will face all difficulties and triumph over them, no matter how hard they may be, and the Movement will remain strong and at the forefront of its people in facing Corona, as you have seen, in facing corruption as always, and in facing crises and triumphing over them, no matter how long it takes.”

Bassil concluded by stressing that the Free Patriotic Movement will continue to work to overcome crises and to offer solutions to rebuild the economy, while others in the country only care about criticizing and attacking the Movement. “We will continue to endure and not turn to violence as some threaten us, and we will remain this calm, sane revolution,” pledged Bassil.


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