The Albanese government will restore Australia's commitment to genuine nation building in all forms.


The Albanese government will recommit Australia to true nation building in all forms.

26 July 2022

The Hon Patrick Gorman MP *

The new Parliament gives Australia a fresh start. A new opportunity to express our love of this country and what we can achieve together.

Today the 47th Parliament will sit for the first time. New voices. Experienced ministers. A big agenda.

From the smoking ceremony to open the Parliament through to the first speeches of Australia’s newest representatives. The symbolism for renewal is strong.

Parliament will be different. More respectful debate, more diversity, more family friendly.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the team are determined not to waste this opportunity for our nation.

Over the last two months we have seen a positive change in tone on both how we talk to one another at home and how we present Australia to the world.

We see an opportunity to bring the country together. Not to just write a new chapter. A chance to build it.

Talk of nation building in recent times has become too focused on the physical infrastructure that makes our community tick. Rail, roads and the rest. We need to build the social infrastructure that takes our country forward too.

That is why this government will recommit Australia to true nation building in all forms.

Building stronger foundations with First Nations recognised in our constitution and heard though enacting the Uluru Statement.

Building integrity throughout government with respect for our institutions and democracy at the core.

Building our future through the opportunities of renewable energy and legislating our commitment to act on climate change.

Building the security of the 21st century. Secure jobs, securing Australian manufacturing and an even more secure nation.

Leading Australia through the next stages of our health, economic, security and climate challenges will need us to be more united than ever.

That is why we are bringing together ideas from across Australia at the Jobs and Skills Summit in September with contributions from community, business and representatives of working people.

And you will see new WA voices in Parliament too. Senator Fatima Payman, former police offer Sam Lim, climate change engineer Zaneta Mascarenhas, small business owner Tania Lawrence and Tracey Roberts who brings her experience as a successful mayor of a successful council.

Their first speeches are going to be worth listening to and worth reading.

Speeches of emotion and hope. That is because politics is the business of both policy and emotion.

Relief has been the dominant emotional reaction of the nation to the change of government.

Held within this emotion is a recognition that some things had got bad, standards had slipped, our hopes for Australia were left wanting.

Our government will turn this around and use every day of Parliament to make a difference.

Once again we can begin to raise the standard. Integrity is key to our legislative priorities from introducing a bill for a National Anti-Corruption Commission by the end of 2022 through to acting on the recommendations of Kate Jenkins to improve the standards of Parliament as a workplace.

On election night Anthony Albanese said “I want Australia to continue to be a country that no matter where you live, who you worship, who you love or what your last name is, that places no restrictions on your journey in life.”

No one held back, no one left behind.

This week in Parliament you will see the Australian Government put this into action.

* Patrick Gorman is the Member for Perth and Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister


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