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FPM: To expedite the adoption of a budget that reflects the required reforms

FPM: To expedite the adoption of a budget that reflects the required reforms

Lebanon The Free Patriotic Movement’s political council held its periodic meeting on Saturday, headed by its Chief, MP Gibran Bassil, with discussions centering on latest developments especially the awaited cabinet session to approve the state’s annual budget.

In an issued statement following the meeting, the council stressed that “the Lebanese are waiting for the Council of Ministers, which will resume its meetings, to assume its responsibilities in expediting the approval of a budget that reflects the required reforms and integrates with the financial and economic recovery plan to get out of the current collapse.”

The Movement warned that “any budget that includes austerity measures, lifting of subsidies or new taxes, must coincide with a logical correction of wages in the public and private sectors, since employees cannot be left with such miserable salaries.”

While expressing understanding towards raising public service tariffs in light of the collapse of the value of the Lebanese pound, the FPM council emphasized the need for this step to be accompanied by an improvement in the standard and quality of services along with ensuring the highest rate of levying to fairly include all taxpayers in all regions.


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