Hezbollah must make amends with Lebanon

Hezbollah must make amends with Lebanon

November 18, 2021

Sajaan Azzi


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After the Cuban missile crisis (1962) and the assassination of John F. Kennedy (1963), Lyndon Johnson ran to succeed him in 1964. Johnson prepared for his US presidential campaign a successful propaganda film called Daisy. In it we see a little girl pulling off the leaves of a chrysanthemum flower. As soon as you reach the last page, you hear a man's voice counting in reverse aloud from 10 to zero, as if the world is approaching the moment of a nuclear missile launch. And soon a picture of a huge explosion appears, followed by Johnson's voice telling the Americans: "Our bet is to build a world in which all the children of God can live in safety or be plunged into darkness. Let us love one another lest we reach a new nuclear explosion."

After nearly 60 years, the symbolism of Daisy is still valid for the world, especially for Lebanon. Do we want to build a democratic Lebanon, free, safe and civilized for all of us, or will we continue counting down to zero and the enemy towards a comprehensive national explosion and final collision? Previously, we reached the explosion more than once without colliding, and we regained life and completed the partnership.

As for today, in Lebanon, whoever insists on completing the countdown to one and thinks that it will frighten the Lebanese, so they will surrender before zero, but he will miss today just as everyone else did yesterday. The Lebanese are not intimidated by zeros, numbers and numbers.

There is someone in Lebanon who kills Daisy and preserves the man who brings us closer to the zero hour. They took off the leaves of all chrysanthemums and all other flowers and preferred to live in darkness. They were obsessed with zero hours and the sounds of explosions. They spread the spirit of false enmity, as if we were not all children of God, nor of one country, and sons of the same villages and cities. Why does gratuitous and absurd hostility overwhelm the will for life and partnership?

We see that we live in a sadistic state that involves a masochistic state in the face of a Neronian state that is caused by a state of turmoil. This is how we exchange suffering, torture, crime and betrayal. We have become prisoners of these tragic decades, and we were born to be the juice of the civilization of this East, which is originally the meeting of two lights: God and the sun.

All Lebanese forces committed mistakes, sins, and sins, but Hezbollah surpassed them all until, since 2004, it became the "symbol" of Lebanon's problems and the sound of the explosion.

Others retreated, albeit at last, from their projects when they clashed with Lebanon's unity, national partnership, and the existence of the state. As for him, he made these "national sanctities" the target of his shootings.

All Lebanese parties tried to approach the issue of Hezbollah from the point of view of its weapons and ignored its project, so they proposed dialogue with it and a partnership in governance and defense strategy.

All attempts failed because Hezbollah considers its weapon to be part of its religious project against the Lebanese presence, including the historical Lebanese Shi'ism. The identity of the Shiites in Lebanon, and the ideology of Hezbollah in Iran.

Hezbollah actually changed Lebanon without the trouble of holding a founding conference. It became the system, the authorities, and the decision. It does what it wants and disables what it wants. It established peace in the south and created an atmosphere of war with the Lebanese. It placed its hand on the Constitution of Independence and the Constitution of Taif, and left others wrestling over metaphorical powers while the real powers were in its hands. Hezbollah staged a continuous coup, and the people of the "revolution" have not yet agreed on the terms of the change, nor its opponents over the formation of a national front facing its tampering with the lives of the Lebanese and the fate of Lebanon.

Hezbollah confined itself to the loyalists and the opposition and ended the elections in its regions in advance. It watches the loyalists count the votes of the resident electors, and the opponents collect the votes of the immigrant electors. It is true that Hezbollah has not yet been able to stop the judicial investigator, but it has obstructed the investigation, the judiciary, and the Council of Ministers. It is true that it was unable to prevent the creation of the International Court, but it hit the wall with its rulings.

It is true that it did not annul the international resolutions on Lebanon, but it obstructs their implementation. It is true that it did not impose the maritime negotiation line with Israel, but it froze the negotiations on the stabilization of the Lebanese/Israeli borders. It is true that it did not swear an oath like the president of the republic, but it makes decisions as if it were the president of the republic.

Hezbollah behaves as if it is comfortable with its situation as long as the Lebanese legitimacy does not confront it with its institutions, and as long as the international community does not actually interfere politically, militarily and economically to limit its influence and hegemony. It is indifferent to US sanctions and sterile international declarations, and bets on the world's disgust with Lebanon. And if it pulls out all the chrysanthemum leaves, it is because it believes that pushing Lebanon towards complete collapse will frustrate the friendly countries in the Arab and international worlds, and they will no longer be enthusiastic to save a "burnt country", so it will finally lay its hands on the country. However, Hezbollah's expectations are difficult to achieve because its problem is not only with the Lebanese, but with all of these friendly countries. In the context of this logic, the Gulf states are supposed to strengthen their role in Lebanon instead of withdrawing from it so as not to give Hezbollah false but encouraging signals.

I wish Hezbollah would realize the limits of power, the limits of geography, and the limits of profane speech. I wish it would open an alcove in the wall separating it from the rest of the Lebanese to meet them peacefully and together save Lebanon. But it increases the distance of distance and raises the tone of the threat. Closing the doors in the country of openness ends the national relationship. The trials and tribulations revealed the extent of our divisions and the difficulty of bridging them with Hezbollah and others, instead of confirming our unity. We live in a frozen crisis and an explosive conflict. We are forbidden to have solutions while they are there, and we are allowed to create problems when they are. The worst is that the polytheists in their loyalty to Lebanon betray the Muwahhidun. Last nonsense.

We should continue the journey like this. We were liberated from the role of the boy's mother, because the boy was almost dying from the intensity of yelling, arguing, and tugging at him. He begs us to settle his situation. He calls us to reconcile or part. All solutions are better than the situation in which the boy lives and we all live. There is no value to loneliness outside happiness. There is no value to the country outside of loyalty. Citizenship has no value outside of freedom. The state has no value outside the constitution. Partnership has no value outside of equality. There is no value for independence outside sovereignty. We demand the right to take back Lebanon, all of Lebanon. And peoples know how to regain their homelands.


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