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Worst day yet for NSW with 239 new cases

Worst day yet for NSW with 239 new cases

29 July 2021

(See Translation in Arabic Section)

NSW is experiencing a horror day of exploding case numbers, with infections soaring to 239 and the death toll rising to 13 as tough new rules and restrictions are introduced.

It eclipsed yesterday’s previous record of 177 new cases, and comes one day after Greater Sydney’s lockdown was formally extended by an extra month, until August 28 at the earliest.

However, many experts have claimed the lockdown is likely to last well beyond that, into September.

Read on for all the latest NSW Covid news and updates. You can find our Victorian Covid blog here.

'Extremely selfish': Anti-vaxxers lashed

Health Minister Brad hazzard has hit out at anti-vaxxers who are refusing the Covid jab.

He also laid into those – including media commentators – who have slammed the lockdown.

"There are a lot of people who don't base their decisions in science, or evidence and all I will say is we are in a one in 100-year pandemic," he said.

"The community need to understand the decisions are taken as best as possible on the basis of evidence and science to keep us safe.

"My message to (anti0vaxxers) is you are being extremely selfish. If you think you cannot have a vaccine just because you don't want to have a vaccine, well you should think about what you are doing to your family and to the community.

"I would say even more than that, what a ridiculous position is that when you are going to put health staff at risk and when you get sick, you are going to expect to come into hospital and get paid for by taxpayers.

"It is time for those who actually think that way to wake up, including commentators who actually don't base their commentary on logic whatsoever."

NSW faces 'harshest measures any place in Australia has ever faced'

Ms Berejiklian has claimed parts of the state were now experiencing the harshest measures ever seen in the country.

"The numbers will keep going up until we change things," she said.

"That is why reducing activity, reducing mobility, increasing compliance, these harsh measures are the harshest Australia has ever faced in a lockdown – can I make that very clear.

"These are the harshest measures any place in Australia has ever faced but we need to do that but based on the health advice."

'Well over 50 per cent' of new infections are under 40s

Dr Chant was asked whether it was correct that a quarter of new Covid infections are aged under 19.

While she wasn't sure of that exact figure, she confirmed the majority of cases were young people.

"I would have to check the number in relation to under 19s, but certainly, from memory this morning, about – it changes around each day but a significant proportion, well over 50 per cent, were under 40," she said.

"The age profile we are seeing – we have to also remember that the communities of south-western and western Sydney are also particularly young."


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