“The doors of Damascus are closed to Berri.” Obeid: The dream of criminal scrutiny is over

“The doors of Damascus are closed to Berri.” Obeid: The dream of criminal scrutiny is over

July 10, 2021

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Lebanon: The former leader of the Amal Movement, Muhammad Obeid, said that "Speaker Berri's experience in the parliament did not enable him to complete the path of Imam al-Sadr.  President Aoun failed to complete his mission in the presidency and the dream of criminal scrutiny is over."

In an interview with Lebanese channel, he added that "the two main obstacles to resolving the crisis in Lebanon are Presidents Aoun and Berri."

On October 17, Obaid said, "The NGO's and foreign interventions thwarted the October 17 uprising."

He continued, "The French document talked about a rescue force with humanitarian missions that comes with the approval of the Lebanese government and it is similar to the forces that came when the Beirut port exploded. There was no mention of international forces with the aim of the mandate."

On the way to Syria, Obeid said, "The gates of Damascus are categorically closed in the face of Speaker Berri." He added: "The Damascus Road is closed to Berri, Hariri and Jumblatt forever."

And he added, "The Amal movement considered Syria its gateway to the Arab world, and after the death of President Hafez al-Assad, problems began between Berri and the Syrian leadership."

Regarding the option of Iranian ships, Obeid said, "If the external siege and the internal monopoly of corruption in the state continues, I support Hezbollah's choice with regard to Iranian ships."

Regarding his project, he said, "Young men from the Amal movement burned my house, and unfortunately, Mr Berri is pressuring Al-Mayadeen and the LBC to not host me.  My project is to restore the Amal movement to the path of Imam al-Sadr and to throw the careerists who stole in the name of the Amal movement."

He said: "I was invited to the conference in France because I am close to Hezbollah, and I was surprised by this invitation when I received it.


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