UK envoy hails Kuwait's "humanitarian" repute in push for closer ties

UK's ambassador to Kuwait Belinda Lewis

UK envoy hails Kuwait's "humanitarian" repute in push for closer ties


KUWAIT -- Kuwait has carved itself a reputation as the ultimate "humanitarian donor" and "regional mediator," the UK's ambassador to the country said on Wednesday, pushing for progress in bilateral ties.

The end to a lingering Gulf Arab rift is one of many contributions Kuwait has made towards regional and global peace, in addition to its "humanitarian appeals" for war-torn nations such as Yemen and Syria, Belinda Lewis told a press conference.

Though her country has long maintained a "deep relationship" with Kuwait, the envoy said she still sees more room for progress in sectors that run the gamut from defense and trade to education and cyber security.

On common challenges, the UK diplomat pinpointed the areas of "food security and health system resilience" as matters of mutual concern, while preserving regional peace and security was a shared goal, she added.

While London, long a hotspot for Kuwaitis, continues to receive visa applications from Kuwait, arrivals from there need to quarantine at home as per rules applied to "amber list" destinations, she revealed.

She went on to describe Kuwait's "Vision 2035" development plan as a promising initiative with "a range of exciting opportunities" in store for British firms, subsequently pushing export trade between the two countries.


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