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ALERT - How does Hezbollah respond to rumors about a “ready border agreement”?

How does Hezbollah respond to rumors about a “ready border agreement”?
Ibrahim Bayram - Lebanon
July 8, 2024
(See translation in Arabic section)
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l: Talk about the future of the situation on the southern border at the moment when the brutal Israeli war on Gaza and its Strip ends, ranges between two hypotheses:
The first was expressed by Representative Jamil Al-Sayyed in a remarkable post he recently released in which he said, “The political and diplomatic negotiations over the future of the border situation will be a sensitive and arduous negotiation battle, between the American and Israeli interpretations of the implementation of Resolution 1701, and the Lebanese position regarding the implementation of this resolution.”
The second is adopted by a group that classifies itself as objective. They warned the party against entering the battle, but did not want to continue in a confrontation with it. They rely on the theory that the border agreement is almost completed between Lebanon and Israel, and its practical implementation will begin the moment of the ceasefire in Gaza. The proponents of this theory rely on the widespread belief that there is an agreement drawn up by American envoy Amos Hochstein and presented to President Nabih Berri as a deposit. More than that, Hockstein obtained from Berri what resembles initial approval of the content of this deposit, and he cannot, of course, give approval to something that he knows that Hezbollah may oppose or refrain from implementing.
Between this and that, the secret word and the final say remain with Hezbollah, which decided about ten months ago out of premeditation to open the doors of confrontation with the Israelis. It is known that the party announces daily that it is fully prepared to stop the confrontations the moment the Hamas movement and its fellow factions participating in the battle announce that they have reached a truce agreement with the Israelis. After that, the party’s spokespersons remain silent about disclosing any other detail related to what has become known as “New border arrangements” leading to a new agreement or a modified version of Resolution 1701.
The party's representative for Tire, Hassan Ezzedine, denies knowledge of everything that is said and rumored about a border agreement ready to be implemented the moment the fighting that has been going on for nine months in Gaza stops. He told "An-Nahar", "What is constant among us and which we have repeated repeatedly is that when the shooting in Gaza stops, the resistance will stop the confrontations on the border. Other than that, we have not given any pledge and we are not aware of any agreement."
Ezzedine adds: “Everyone bears witness that we have fully committed to this equation, as evidenced by the fact that all the intimidating and tempting initiatives and offers that were presented to us directly or through intermediaries to sever our connection with our people in Palestine and with their resistance, stop the war of support for them, and leave them alone in the mouth of the dragon have completely failed, and we have continued to fulfill our promise to support them.” Until today, we have completely refused to give any pledge to the American or to the other envoys and mediators who came to us that would indicate our readiness to engage in any form of negotiation that would lead to the following:
1 - To stop working on the theory of intertwining arenas and axes that support each other, not today, not tomorrow, or any day.
2 - To make the Israeli reassure that his security is protected, his wishes are met, and that there is someone guarding his borders.
3 - To make the American believe that he has succeeded, by practicing the policy of intimidation and enticement, in assimilating us and making us turn our backs on our people in Palestine.
Ezzedine adds: "We have repeatedly emphasized, and we confirm today and tomorrow, that if the purpose of all this noise and this loud movement is to return to adherence to Resolution 1701 and its known provisions, then we are ready. However, if the diligent effort to develop this resolution is similar to what is rumored about the retreats of the "Radwan Forces" Otherwise, and giving future pledges, the matter is unacceptable to us, and trying to drag us to the negotiating table on this basis is a waste of time.”
In response to a question, Ezzedine said: “For more than three decades, the offer to end our relationship and alliance with the resistance in Palestine has been presented to us in different forms and on various occasions by the Americans and others. Before and after each offer, wars were launched against us under various names, and our categorical rejection was our answer. Today they are trying to renew They offered it, but in a different way, and they are also delusional. What we rejected decades ago and the resistance was not this strong, we will not accept it today while the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine is at this well-known level of solidity, and Israel is at this level of weakness, weakness and confusion. We are dealing on the basis of this There are field and non-field developments that are in favor of the resistance axis, and we will not accept that anyone deceives us or deceives us, especially since this axis has made great sacrifices and demonstrated capabilities that were not taken into account and imposed a new equation in the region.”


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