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Here’s how Western Sydney wins big from the budget

(See translation in Arabic section)
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l:  Western Sydney is a place of opportunity.
It's one of the most diverse and dynamic regions in the country - a centre of Australian entrepreneurialism and aspiration, and a hub for economic growth and jobs - and it's also at the centre of my team's Budget.
Labor is investing in Western Sydney because we back Western Sydney. It's an exceptional place to earn a living, start a business, build connections and relationships, and raise a family.
The planning and investment decisions we make about Western Sydney will not just affect families in those suburbs - they shape the future liveability of Sydney as a whole. That's why my government is an active partner in maximising the potential of this region.
Last week's Budget invested $17.3bn in Western Sydney infrastructure because we want people to spend less time stuck in traffic and more time generating new ideas with their work mates, or relaxing with family and friends.
We know Australians worry about housing affordability. Since coming to government, we've helped more than 27,000 NSW residents into home ownership through our Home Guarantee Scheme. Our budget will deliver more homes more quickly to build, rent and buy. Our $32bn Homes for Australia plan will improve supply, while fee-free TAFE will train more tradies to get more houses built.
Today I'll be visiting a new housing development at Westmead that will deliver almost 400 new rental homes, including almost 200 affordable rental homes, for key workers in Sydney. We've supported this project with $150m in funding, and it's expected to be finished in November 2025.
Essential workers who serve their communities around the clock - dedicated staff who care for patients and their families as they battle serious illness and trauma - deserve a place to call home that reduces their commuting time.
The new housing development is located in the new Westmead Health and Innovation Precinct - one of the largest health, education, research and training hubs in Australia.
We understand families are under pressure. That's why we want people in Western Sydney to earn more, and keep more of what they earn.
That's why every taxpayer in Western Sydney will get a tax cut from July 1. That's why all households will also get a $300 energy bill rebate from July 1. Small businesses will get $325.
Families also need affordable and accessible health care. We are making Medicare stronger, and medicine cheaper, by freezing the cost of prescriptions. This is cost-of-living relief that won't add to inflation.
As well as helping people to manage their immediate pressures, my government is also planning for the future, ensuring Australians will benefit from the next wave of economic growth.
We are a government working for every Australian, planning a future made in Australia.
We want a future made in Sydney's west - one that creates a revitalised manufacturing base, with secure, well paid jobs, and thriving communities.
Western Sydney will be at the centre of opportunities we seize.
Peter Dutton had an opportunity last week in his budget reply to share a coherent and credible plan for Australia's future.
But as usual, my opponent was all negativity and no plan.
Nothing to say about cost-of-living pressure. Nothing coherent or substantial to say about housing.
My opponent likes scapegoats and soundbites - not solutions.
Being angry isn't a strategy - it's a risk to Australia's future.
The budget builds on the first back-to-back surpluses in almost two decades by boosting housing and cost-of-living relief without adding to inflation.


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