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Brian Edmund Brown fronts court after allegedly punching and killing security guard Mousa Al-Zaher

Brian Edmund Brown fronts court after allegedly punching and killing security guard Mousa Al-Zaher
(See translation in Arabic section)
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l: A 31-year-old man accused of punching a security guard in the head causing his death at a pub in Sydney's south will remain behind bars.
Police allege Brian Edmund Brown punched Mousa Al-Zaher in the head after he was asked to leave the Royal Hotel in Sutherland following an altercation early on Sunday morning.
Mr Al-Zaher was given CPR but died at the scene.(Supplied)
The 30-year-old security guard from Saudi Arabia died at the scene.
Facing court for the first time, Mr Brown, who has been charged with assault occasioning death under the state's coward punch legislation, did not apply for bail.
He is expected to face court again in April.
Mr Al-Zaher had only recently joined security firm Dalton Solutions and began working the door at the Royal Hotel.
The company's director, Tala Poasa, said the news of his death was "heartbreaking".
"I'm very sad to be here to actually witness the spot where he (Mr Al-Zaher) lost his life," he said.
"It's hard to lose a friend, it's hard to lose a guy who recently was added to our roster.
"He brought a great energy to the family, to our business. It's disappointing to hear what happened, it's very disappointing."
Tala Poasa said what happened to Mr Al-Zaher was "very sad".
Security boss urges patrons to comply with directions
Mr Poasa claimed there should've been another guard working with Mr Al-Zaher at the time of the incident.
"It was just unfortunate about the situation," he said.
"This is the problem about security work. You should always have someone with you, you should always have a second person.
"But, unfortunately, it's how it is. Security's always last on the list."
Mr Poasa added that guards should "feel comfortable" in their surroundings.
"That's what I think, moving forward, should happen here," he said.
Flowers have been left outside the Royal Hotel.
He urged the public to comply with the directions of security guards at licensed venues.
"If a security guard comes and taps you on the shoulder and asks you to leave, then why not do it?"
Flowers have been laid outside the Royal Hotel where Mr Al-Zaher died.
Commander Craig Middleton said CCTV from the pub would be "crucial" to the police's investigation into the incident.
"It's terrible. The security guard is going about his business. It's just a tragedy all round. There is no winners in this situation," he said on Sunday.


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