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The biggest investment in public preschools in NSW history.

Prue Car
Deputy Premier of New South Wales
Minister for Education, Minister for Western Sydney
Donna Davis MP
Member for Parramatta 
Monday, 19 February 2024 
(See translation in Arabic section)
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l: Families in Parramatta will benefit from expanded access to early childhood education as the NSW Government unveils the locations for 100 new public preschools across the state.
This is the biggest investment in public preschools in NSW history.
Co-located at public primary schools, the new public preschools will be built over the next three years in areas of greatest need across NSW, including 2 in Parramatta
Across Parramatta the NSW Government have committed to building co-located public preschools at: 
Carter St Precinct, Lidcombe
Melrose Park Public, Melrose Park
After more than a decade of decline in education outcomes, the NSW Government will prioritise quality education in the early years, giving every child the best start for success.
The NSW Government is investing a record $769 million to deliver 100 new public preschools by 2027, including delivering preschools at new public primary schools. 
The public preschools will improve access for families across NSW, with sites selected by a NSW Department of Education Panel, overseen by an independent chair and probity advisor, based on rigorous assessment criteria which considered educational need, child development and socioeconomic data, preschool demand, infrastructure feasibility and insights gained through consultation.
Co-locating public preschools with existing schools will ensure children are ready for kindergarten and will assist busy working families with cost of living pressures, help avoid the double drop off, and make the transition to school as seamless as possible. 
The NSW Government’s election commitment to deliver 100 public preschools is in sharp contrast to the Liberal and Nationals’ unrealistic claim it would build 500 preschools– a last minute announcement made on the eve of an election, with zero consultation and no proper planning.
This is part of the NSW Labor Government’s historic investment in early childhood education, which includes a $60 million commitment to build and upgrade 50 preschools on non-government school sites in areas of greatest educational need. The NSW Government has also committed up to $29.4 million to expand the number of early childhood workers in NSW through a scholarship program, which has seen a record number of applications. The Government has also provided $17 million to support capital works for early childhood services in areas of need.
Member for Parramatta, Donna Davis MP said:
“I am delighted to see the delivery of new public preschools for my local community of Parramatta.” 
“This is a major investment, not just in expanding access to public preschool, but in the future of the children in Parramatta. This investment in our community will see us reap rewards for years to come.”


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