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We were happy to be dictated to by superpowers but now there is no superpower ...
SPEECH BY DR. TALAL ABU GHAZALEH at the ALF Dinner function in Sydney University
I have been warning -- not warning, predicting -- that this world we live in, of no order and no  leadership, is unacceptable and unusual in terms of historic governance of the world.
We cannot continue to have a superpower who is insisting on continuing to be the superpower as  has the US. Now this leadership is challenged by another superpower, China, who thinks that it is only fair for them to join this leadership effort.
Now this has to come to an end and this era where we have all international organisations, practically crippled  and unable to take any resolutions or any actions because of the wonderful system of veto power.
Five countries of the world dominate the world through the veto power and any one of them can stop the solution, which is what is happening now. 
Therefore, something must happen and that was predicted in 1985; I had the chance to speak at the National Science Academy in Washington and the theme of the seminar was ‘where will the US be in 2020?’ One of their conclusions was that they would face a challenge to their leadership of the world. Many US presidents have already announced in public that China is a serious challenge to their world leadership.
There is no superpower that can dictate everything to every country of the world. We were happy to be dictated to by superpowers but now there is no superpower; there is a complete crippling of authority in the world.  There is no more world order; there are no more superpowers.
Something has to happen That’s why I say we are waiting for a day when there is military friction because the war has already started, either by proxy, like we have seen in Ukraine or in Palestine.
Actual military conflict between the two superpowers has yet to happen and it is bound to happen.
I think we will have a new government structure; we need rules and systems and policies like after World War II when we had global organisations from the World Bank, IMF and the United Nations for a new system of global government.
World leaders will sit around the table, China (with Russia on side) and the US with Great (Britain) on the side.
On Artificial Intelligence, it is a misnomer. It means nothing. You tell me Artificial Intelligence, I don’t understand anything. What it is actually is programming; pro-active control computer programming.
Artificial Intelligence is programming going through a development stage; as technology moves  forward, so too does the next development in programming computer programs (what we call pro-active programming).
This pro-active program is what they call Artificial Intelligence. Now, Artificial Intelligence intends to make everything in the world programmed; that’s a great challenge because when you program anything it means it gives them the authority to operate on its own.  
The risk is unless you’ve come up with two solutions, I am very concerned about the future of humanity because these programs can become self-developing. The second part is the actual social impact and fairness because Artificial Intelligence can make anybody look like me.


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