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Emile Lahoud: The greatest achievement the Israelis have achieved is the imaginary victory over infants
(See translation in Arabic section)
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l:  Former MP Emil Lahoud stressed in a statement that “the brutality of the Israeli enemy has been known for decades, but after the weeks in which we witnessed the attacks on Gaza, we have come to realize that this brutality is mixed with stupidity, as it turned out that the greatest achievement achieved by the Israelis was the imaginary victory over infants.” And sick women in Al-Shifa Hospital.”
He added: “What confirms the clear defeat of this entity with tangible evidence is the empty and abandoned settlements in the north of the occupied territories, despite the presence of shelters and the army’s defense that was said to be invincible for them, while we see children, women and the elderly who do not leave their homes, do not surrender, and only have primitive weapons.” They are confronted with the advanced weapons that the Israelis possess thanks to American blessings, and yet they persist, without fear or surrender.”
He concluded: “The result has become clear. Whoever displaced the inhabitants of this land in 1948 began to return it to its owners through force of will and attitude, as well as with the support of heroes in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Syria.”


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