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Ghassan Atallah: Lebanon will go to war if it is imposed on it
Sydney – Middle East Times Int’l: Member of the “Strong Lebanon” bloc, MP Ghassan Atallah, denounced the Israeli crime, the latest of which was the attack on an ambulance in southern Lebanon, and then on a civilian car in the town of Aitaroun, which claimed the lives of 34 girls and women as martyrs.
In a statement to Al-Anbaa, Atallah considered that this attack constitutes a major violation of the rules of engagement, especially after the speech of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in which he put dots on the letters, indicating that the Israelis are flouting the rules of engagement and all international norms and human rights. Calling on the international community to take a clear and responsible stance against this arrogant enemy in dealing with the sovereignty of states, otherwise things will be open to all possibilities, holding the international community accountable for the crimes of the Israeli enemy in Palestine and Lebanon.
He called on the Arab Summit, which will be held in Riyadh on the 11th of this month, to take a unified position regarding what the Palestinian people are exposed to, denouncing the Israeli brutality against children and women, and denouncing and rejecting the attacks on hospitals, places of worship and residential buildings, in addition to exerting international pressure to stop Israeli arrogance and barbarism.
In response to a question, Atallah warned that if Lebanon entered into any war, it would be costly, noting the efforts being made to neutralize Lebanon, and not to be drawn into this war, because it is long, and Lebanon is not able to fight a war of this kind, unless it is imposed on it, and then He will face this war and will not stand idly by, and we will all be in solidarity against any attack on Lebanon, because when it is imposed on us and we go to war, we will not go to death.
Regarding the multiple crises that Lebanon is suffering under, while the region is boiling and heading towards the unknown, Atallah pointed out that states, governments and the opposition, in times of crises, unite to confront this danger, and today is the most appropriate time for all of us, as Lebanese, to meet and go to fill all the vacancies in the state, the most important of which is the election. President of the Republic and the formation of an authentic government, for confrontation, and for Lebanon to have a presence in the region.
He added: “We took an initiative, as the head of the Free Movement, Gebran Bassil, held a series of meetings with all Lebanese officials, actors and parliamentary blocs, in an attempt to find a breach in the wall of the crisis, with the aim of convincing everyone that the most appropriate time for us is to sit together at the table and agree to elect a president.” of the Republic and the formation of an authentic government
Regarding the extension of the army commander in order to prevent a vacuum, Atallah said: “We reject the extension today as we rejected it yesterday, and this is an issue for us that cannot be doubted. It is better for everyone to go to elect a president of the republic and not think about the extension, especially in the centers whose bylaws allow for there not to be a vacuum in them.” Including the army leadership, as its system does not recognize a vacuum, and it is clear that the highest rank receives the vacant position, so why do we have to resort to exceptions when solutions exist? We have to elect the president and form a government, and after that appoint and fill all the vacancies in the positions and positions.
Ahmed Mansour - Al Anbaa


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