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"Future Media" responds to the "Al-Akhbar" campaign against the Emirates
Lebanon - The Future Movement’s Information Affairs Authority issued the following statement:
“The policy of hostility towards the sisterly Arab countries continues to govern Al-Akhbar newspaper, and its hateful pens, which have been waging, for some time, and by order of operations from the party that implements Iran’s subversive agenda, a violent campaign against the United Arab Emirates, in which it harms the interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese. Especially those who live in it and work on its land, and receive nothing from its leadership and people except brotherhood, love, embrace, and good treatment.
It seems that Al-Akhbar newspaper, which has been fighting since its inception the project of establishing a state in Lebanon, and is harnessing all its capabilities to support the statelet project and the atrocities it is committing against the Lebanese and Arab brothers, does not realize that the Emirates is a state in truth and truth, and a law that does not distinguish between its residents except to the extent of adherence to it. And that the Emirates is a country that respects Lebanon’s sovereignty and embraces its people, and expects them in return to respect its sovereignty, system and law, not insult it and get involved in suspicious Iranian agendas that harbor evil for this brotherly country and its good people.
It has become necessary for Al-Akhbar newspaper, in a time of Arab and regional reconciliation, to review its hateful policy against the Arab brothers, and to stop interfering in the internal affairs of the brothers in the sisterly Arab countries. The people of the Emirates are more aware of their people, their regime, and the conspiracies being hatched against them, for which they are on the lookout, no matter how high it may be. Voices of discord that have no function other than supporting agendas that do not want good for the UAE, which has always carried good for Lebanon at all times.”


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