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Leppington MP Nathan Hagarty praises the Minns Labor government's campaign in NSW within the framework of early education and costs of living
(See translation in Arabic section)
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l: Nathan Hagarty, Member for Leppington, has hailed the Minns Labor Governments Preschool Fee Relief as an important step forward in early education and cost of living.
Families of up to 64,000 NSW children will benefit from $500 in fee relief under the Minns Labor government’s push to boost preschool education and provide cost of living relief. 
This is part of a more than $100 million package of initiatives to invest in early learning and enhance the sector’s workforce, after opportunities in this important sector were missed by the Liberals and the Nationals. 
The initiatives include: 
1. Fee relief: $64 million over two years to provide $500 in fee relief per child, per year for parents of three-year-olds in long day care preschool programs. 
2. Flexibility for families: $20 million for the Flexible Initiatives Trial to expand access to early childhood education and care, extended hours and assist parents re-entering the workforce.
3. New services: $20 million in capital funds to support new not-for-profit services in high-growth and regional communities. 
4. Workforce: $22 million over five years to recruit and retain essential early childhood workers including providing professional development and scholarships for tertiary education of early childhood workers.
“Easing cost-of-living pressures for families is one of the highest priorities in Leppington and across the state.” Mr Hagarty said.
“This cost-of-living measure will guarantee families in New South Wales can utilise early education without sacrifice.
“A strong and reliable pathway to early education will not only support families now but will also be of huge benefit to the development of our children.
“The investment we make now will make a big difference in the future.” Mr Hagarty said.


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