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Gemayel from Batroun: countries willing to help Lebanon must work to lift the occupation
Lebanon - Lebanese Kataeb Party Chief, MP Sami Gemayel, stressed that "the dispute in Lebanon is not over the name of the president of the republic, the formation of a government, or the approval of laws...Rather, there is an armed, funded party, taking orders from the outside, that wants to impose its will on the Lebanese."
He added, "To those who come to Lebanon with the logic of fixing matters between the Lebanese, we say that we can solve the dispute between us as Lebanese by going to the House of Parliament and adhering to the democratic laws..."
"Our problem is that we are hostages and under the occupation of a Lebanese tool," Gemayel went on, considering that the countries wishing to help Lebanon must work to lift this occupation, including the external forces that interfere in Lebanon's affairs and provide funding and arms to Lebanese parties. He stressed that "an end must be put to such intervention because it places the Lebanese before impossible options." 
"What we are witnessing today is, in the constitutional scientific concept, a coup implemented by Hezbollah on the Lebanese state to put its hand permanently on the country..." Gemayel asserted.
He emphasized that amidst this prevailing situation, the Kataeb Party works with its partners to unify the opposition and create a balance in the country to stand in the face of this "coup attempt" and caution against the serious reality in which the Lebanese are living. 
Gemayel's words came during a ceremony held by the party's Batroun region branch to welcome new members.


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