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FPM: We are continuing to work to release the port explosion investigation to reveal the full truth, do justice to the victims & release those who were unjustly & arbitrarily arrested
(See translation in Arabic section)
Lebanon - The Free Patriotic Movement issued this evening the following statement: 
The Free Patriotic Movement affirms that it is continuing to work to free the investigation into the port explosion case in order to reveal the full truth, do justice to the victims, and release those who were unjustly and arbitrarily arrested.
The party considers that the continued obstruction of the investigation and the circumstances resulting from it, are the responsibility of the Supreme Judicial Council and its president in particular, due to the failure in managing the work of the judiciary to reach the truth.
The party believes that the judicial failure to apply the law and allowing evasion of justice in countless cases, in addition to being silent and even covering everyone who insulted the presidency of the republic for a period of 6 years, legitimized selectivity in accountability, while what was required, and still is, is to hold accountable everyone who commits slander, harm and abuse, without discrimination.
And while the party is fully confident that the truth in the port bombing will come out, no matter how long the arbitrariness, procrastination and manipulation of the facts takes, it warns the regime that fabricating one crisis after another, as it did in the recent hours, will not spare it the sword of justice and will not obliterate the effects of the European judicial actions which exposed the fragility of the judicial dealings with the biggest theft of the era and robbing depositors' money.


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