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Businessman John Dib and his wife Samira held a special dinner in honor of former Minister Dr. Pierre Raffoul

Dr.. Raffoul in the (C) with John and Samira Dib
Raffoul (C) with John and Samira Dib, their son Norm and wife Elian
Dr.. Raffoul: “Lebanon won among all the countries of the world in obtaining the Human Academy from the United Nations, which teaches people how to get out of wars and live in peace, and this academy will be built in Damour.”
Dr.. Raffoul: “With will and solidarity, Lebanon will overcome its challenges, opening the door to a new period of prosperity for future generations.”

Businessman John Dib and his wife Samira held a special dinner in honor of former Minister Dr. Pierre Raffoul
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Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l: Businessman John Dib and his wife Samira held a special dinner party in honor of former Minister Dr. Pierre Raffoul, in the presence of a number of the Dib family, relatives and friends, Tony Touk from the Free Patriotic Movement, Lodi Farah from the Phalange, businessman Tony. Suleiman, Sayed Mikhael, and Camil Shalala, of the Middle East Times Int’l.
Dr. Raffoul, in his address following a warm welcome by Sayed Mikhael, Director of the National News Agency office in Australia, shed light on the Lebanese community's resilience in Australia and across the diaspora. He remarked, "Amidst the tumultuous Lebanese landscape, Miziara stands as a beacon of hope," praising the warmth and solidarity of its inhabitants.
 Dr. Pierre Raffoul (Right), John Dib, Sayed Mikhael and Camil Shalala
Samira Dib, Eve Khoury, Mrs Andary, Mr T. Andary and other attendees
Acknowledging John Dib, his wife, and the attendees, Dr. Raffoul commended Jean's philanthropic endeavors in both Lebanon and Australia. He lauded the people of Miziara for their transformative initiatives, providing essential utilities to their village without relying on governmental aid.
Dr. Raffoul also recounted a fascinating encounter with Paulo Maalouf, a Brazilian presidential candidate in 1993, revealing that over 50,000 individuals from Miziara reside in Brazil, with many holding significant political positions.
Reflecting on the Lebanese diaspora's contributions, particularly in Australia, Dr. Raffoul added: “In Australia, where approximately 80% of the first Lebanese immigrants hail from Zgharta, Bcharre and surrounding areas, the community has made important contributions to society. Since 1995, more than 73 thousand Lebanese passports have been issued to enter Australia, and the first thing many do when Arriving in Australia is buying a home - this reflects the Lebanese spirit of ambition and vision that transcends geographical borders.”
Raffoul, Dib, Sleiman and other attendees
From L: Suzi  Sleiman, Samira Dib, Dr. Raffoul, John Dib and Tony Sleiman
Some of the attendees included Tony Touk, Samir Andary,
Laudy Farah and husband
Norm Dib with mother Samira Dib, Mrs Andary and other guests
Addressing Lebanon's current economic and political challenges, Dr. Raffoul affirmed the Australian-Lebanese community's unwavering connection to its homeland, advocating for a brighter future. Despite internal turmoil, he stressed Lebanon's potential as a regional powerhouse, citing its vast gas reserves in the Mediterranean.
Dr. Raffoul denounced the grip of corrupt oligarchs exploiting Lebanon's resources, asserting that the nation is poised for transparency and reform. As the world embraces a multipolar paradigm, he envisaged Lebanon reclaiming its global stature, epitomizing values of hospitality, wisdom, and dignity.
Highlighting Lebanon's victory in securing the Human Academy from the United Nations, Dr. Raffoul announced plans for its establishment in Damour, emphasizing Lebanon's commitment to peace amid adversity.
In conclusion, Dr. Raffoul expressed confidence in Lebanon's ability to surmount challenges, paving the way for a prosperous future. United in diversity, Lebanon stands as a global exemplar of coexistence, poised to embark on a new era of prosperity for generations to come.
From left: Sayed Mikhael, Dr. Raffoul. John Dib and Tony Suleiman
Norm Dib (left) and Samir Andary


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