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"... adding that Western countries are "afraid" of using the phrase "ceasefire."- Erdogan

Erdogan: The crimes in Gaza were previously committed by the West in Iraq, and the world’s silence gives support to Israel to continue the massacres

"... adding that Western countries are "afraid" of using the phrase "ceasefire."- Erdogan
(See translation in Arabic section)
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l: Turkish President Recep Erdogan said: “The global silence gives Israel full support and motivation to continue its crimes and commit more atrocities,” according to Russia Today.
He added: "The same massacres were committed by the West in Iraq, but the West also did not condemn those massacres against the Iraqi people."
He pointed out that "the International Atomic Energy Agency, in turn, did not declare or comment on the statements of Israeli officials who threatened the possibility of using nuclear weapons," and stressed that "Turkey will not allow the issue of Israeli nuclear weapons to be dropped from the global agenda."
He also stressed that he "will continue diplomatic efforts to stop these massacres and find a radical solution to this issue."
He pointed out that "Western countries are indebted to Israel, so they are making efforts to find justifications for Israel, to find arguments and justifications, and to defend its massacres."
He said: "We are not indebted to Israel, unlike Western countries, so we speak freely and criticize the Israeli massacres. Our history does not include such massacres as the history of the West does," adding that Western countries are "afraid" of using the phrase "ceasefire."
He explained that "Western leaders who are ashamed of the Holocaust feel that they are indebted to Israel."
Erdogan continued: “This entire region was under the leadership of the Ottoman Empire... and upon the collapse of this (Ottoman) state, unfortunately, this geography became full of injustice, violence and chaos.”
He said: "We consider the cities of Mosul, Tripoli of the East, Ceylonik, Karabakh, Gaza, and others, to be part of the Turkish heartland geography."
He stressed that "if we do not stand up today to stop the massacres in Gaza, we will not be able to stop the Promised Land Project later," noting that "Israel's attempts to accuse us of anti-Semitism are meaningless."


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