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90 members to represent wilayats
Jan 29, 2023  
Election process for 10th term of Majlis Ash'shura begins
The Ministry of Interior has issued a decision determining the number of representatives of wilayats for the 10th term of the Majlis Ash'shura. The total number of representatives will be 90.
The decision pointed out that the following wilayats will have two representatives in the Majlis: Muttrah, Al Amerat, Bausher, Al Seeb, Qurayat, Salalah, Al Buraimi, Nizwa, Bahla, Izki, Samayil, Bidbid, Suhar, Shinas, Liwa, Saham, Al Khabourah, Al Suwaiq, Al Rustaq, Barka, Al Musannah, Sur, Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan, Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, Ibra, Al Mudhaibi and Ibri.
Meanwhile, as per the decision, the following wilayats will have one representative in the Majlis: Muscat, Taqa, Mirbat, Rakhyout, Thamrait, Dhalkout, Al Mazyouna, Maqshin, Shalim and Al Hallaniyat Islands, Sadah, Khasab, Dibba, Bukha, Madha, Mahdah, Al Sunainah, Manah, Al Hamra, Adam, Al Jabal Al Akhdhar, Al Awabi, Nakhl, Wadi Al Maawil, Al Kamil Wa'l Wafi, Masirah, Bidiyah, Al Qabil, Wadi Bani Khalid, Dima W'a ttayeen, Sinaw, Yanqul, Dhank, Haima, Mahout, Al Duqm and Al Jazir.
Meanwhile, eligible citizens started submitting applications for candidacy for the elections issued by Ministerial Resolution No 15/2023, and the process will continue until February 16.
The Ministry of Interior has called upon citizens wishing to run for membership of the Majlis, and who meet the criteria, to submit their applications through the website for elections (www.elections.om), after filling the form and attaching the required documents.
Zahran bin Salim al Shaqsi, Deputy Director for Electoral Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior, said the tenth term of the Majlis Ash'shra is important due to increased number of members from the Wilayat of Al Jabal Al Akhdhar in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, and from the Wilayat of Sinaw in Al Sharqiyah North Governorate, after raising the administrative level of these two wilayats in 2022.
It is worth noting that in this term, there were four new members. Two new members were added from the Wilayat of Al Jabal Al Akhdhar and Sinaw, with a member representing each wilayat.
This was done after 2022 after the administrative level of Al Jabal Al Akhdhar and Sinaw were raised. This is in addition to raise in the number of members from the Wilayat of Bidbid and Ibra from one to two members from each.
This came from the Royal interest of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik in strengthening the role of the governorates and following the method of modern administration in a way that ensures the achievement of decentralisation in decision-making for the development of the governorates.
The conditions for candidacy for membership of Majlis Ash'shura include: The candidate must be Omani by origin, age at the time of filing the candidacy should not be less than 30 years, educational qualification should not be less than a General Education Diploma, and should not have been previously convicted of a crime against honour, or the trust. Also, to be registered in the electoral register in the wilayat for which a person is a candidate, and that person is not affiliated to a security or military entity, not indicted by a judicial ruling, and not afflicted with mental illness.
Those whose membership has expired have the right to run for second time.
The Majlis contributes in national decision-making based on community participation and the complementarity of state institutions. It is also elected by the people with legal, financial and administrative independence.


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