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St-Charbel’s new Miracle in Sydney – Australia

St-Charbel’s new Miracle in Sydney – Australia

St-Charbel’s new Miracle in Sydney – Australia
(See translation in Arabic section)
The photo below of a patient named Tony Sukar has been circulated on social media sites attached to the following news:
He had severe bleeding in his head, he was rushed to the hospital at the last moment and last breath. His condition was very critical and desperate... his family prayed to Saint Charbel for his shepherd to intervene and save him.
The surgery was successful, the bleeding stoped after the operation. The surprise was that the picture of St-Charbel appeared with blood on the screen of the patient’s head according to the published picture...
Hallelujah, blessed are his saints, and grant us, Lord to love and worship you always by the intercession of Saint Charbel. 


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