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We need to have a partner in NSW that we can work with; that partner is a Labor Government here in NSW. - Minister Anne Aly

NSW MP Julia Finn kicks off 2023 election fundraiser with dinner in Granville
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Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l: NSW Labor MP for Granville Julia Finn held a fundraising dinner for her 2023 election campaign with a guest speaker in Anne Aly MP, the Federal Minister for Early Childhood Education and Youth.
The party was attended by a large crowd from the region from diverse backgrounds. State legislature Anthony D. Adam, Representative Burwood Jason Lee, former popular Federal Representative Laurie Ferguson, in addition to current and former municipal members, representatives of social, cultural and sporting institutions and associations, and media representatives such as Camil Shelala and Mamdouh Sukkarieh . 
Julia Finn MP (R) during the function
MP Anthony D'Adam
MP for Granville Julia Finn thanked her friends and supporters at her 2023 election campaign fundraising dinner held in South Granville.
“Thanks to our amazing and inspiring special guest Anne Aly, wonderful MC Councillor Ola Hamed, super talented singer MAYSA, brilliant Arabic drummers Zaffet Afraah and everyone who came along including Charishma Kaliyanda, Councillor Mohamad Hussein, Cr Glenn Elmore, Cr Patricia Prociv, Pierre Esber, Jason Yat-sen Li, MP Anthony D'Adam and Laurie Ferguson,” she said.
Miss Finn  also acknowledged all of the organizations and associations who had donated to her campaign and said she looked forward to Labor winning government in NSW with Chris Minns as the party leader.
Driving through Lakemba, Belmore, Granville, Strathfield, Homebush -- all the suburbs that I remember growing up and seeing how they are now -- has been such an experience for me because it’s changed so much since I left Sydney 30 years ago.  One of the things that changed for the positive is how multicultural communities in this area have grown, made a home here, how the second, third and fourth generation have really grown up to define an Australian identity. 
If you want to know what Australia is, come to the heart of Western Sydney.  This is Australia, not Neighbours; you never see any ethnics on Neighbours.
Aren’t you so fortunate to have someone like Julia Finn representing you at the state level. There is an election coming up next year and Julia spoke of 12; is it 12 years or 12 wasted years?
Can I say that the Albanese Federal Government is the most diverse this country has had since Federation. When I was first elected in 2016, I could not have closed my eyes and imagined a Government and a Parliament that we have now at the Federal level.
We need to have a partner in NSW that we can work with; that partner is a Labor Government here in NSW.  
The MC of the night Clr Ola Hamed
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Julia as a parliamentary colleague, as the Minister for Youth, and to get her vision on youth and her understanding that we cannot be a government that works for youth without being a government that works with youth and having the voice of young people, front and centre of informing our youth policies.
Just a couple of weeks ago, we put out a call for nominations for our Government Youth Steering Committee; we needed 15 young people and we got over 1200 applications. I’m really proud to say that a young girl who is well known to a lot of the youth was selected out of 1200 people to be on that steering committee.
Former Federal MP Laurie Ferguson and guest
Clr Glenn Elmore (1st R) and other guests
Hicham Zraika (1st R), Hassan Moussa (2nd R) and other guests


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