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“we have decreed the establishment of a National Fund for Emergencies (NFE) to tackle the aftermath … natural disasters that may occur.” HM the Sultan

"The climatic conditions caused great losses, and we were ordered to establish a national emergency fund"- Omani Sultan Haitham bin Tarik

"Returning life to its normal state and providing the needs of those affected is a priority"- HM the Sultan

"We will take care of restoring infrastructure networks"- HM

"The people of Oman wrote a national epic that will remain a witness to the strength of the nation and its ability to withstand"- HM the Sultan

"Government agencies should work as a single system to fully perform their duties and responsibilities"- HM

National fund for emergencies established to help rebuild after natural disasters

October 11, 2021

(See Translation in Arabic Section)

His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik today delivered a Royal speech reading as follows:

“In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

“Thanks be to Almighty Allah for the bounties of security and stability. Praise be for Him Who made us one united nation, whose solid-packed ranks, row by row, whose will is unfettered by calamities — armed with the patience, perseverance and self-denial for the sake of this dear homeland.

“Dear citizens, our dear homeland, particularly in the governorates of North Al Batinah and South Al Batinah, has undergone major climatic conditions that claimed the lives of some citizens and residents. The adverse climatic conditions also incurred immense material losses to citizens’ properties and the infrastructure.

“Right from start of the tropical condition, we were keen to follow up all that happened, moment by moment while our hearts turned to the Almighty Allah with pleadings and supplications to safeguard Oman and protect its citizens and residents therein against any harm.

“A national patriotic epic unfolded as Omani people exhibited splendid forms of solidarity, collaboration and patience. This will forever remain testimony to the strength of this nation and its ability to stand the test of time in facing adverse conditions and unfavorable circumstances. This has been an everlasting incarnation of the sacrifices made by this nation over the ages.

“While we condole ourselves and the families of citizens and residents who lost their lives during this tropical condition, we pray to the Almighty Allah to have mercy on the departed’s souls and rest them in peace. We also offer praise to the Almighty for granting safety to the citizens of Oman, who embodied values of selflessness and solidarity, collaboration and cooperation while supporting the national efforts exerted by the departments concerned in facilitating the life of citizens.

“In the meantime, we reaffirm that, in this stage, it is our top priority to work for the restoration of normalcy to public life and for providing basic needs to the stricken ones.

“We will also accord our attention to the restoration of the damaged infrastructure. The departments concerned already began to accomplish this objective. All government departments have to work together as one schema whose segments co-operate and complement each other to perform their duties and responsibility in the best possible manner.

“They have to speed up the rate of action in serving the citizens in every part of the country. The Council of Ministers has to ensure the achievement of this goal.

“The Ministerial Committee tasked with assessing the damage incurred to citizens’ homes and properties has to deliver assistance as soon as possible. The government departments concerned have to facilitate the mission of the Committee and cooperate with it. The Ministerial Committee shall come under our direct supervision, and we shall follow up the progress of its tasks and operations.

“To expedite the accommodation of the impacts of the tropical condition and alleviate the conditions of affected citizens, we have decreed the establishment of a National Fund for Emergencies (NFE) to tackle the aftermath of this tropical condition and similar natural disasters that may occur, God forbids.

“From this podium, we would like to thank our brethren and friends — leaders of sisterly and friendly states — who showed solidarity by contacting us and conveying their sympathy. We pray to the Almighty Allah to spare them any harm or calamity.

“We would also like to express our appreciation for all government and private establishments and individuals who played commendable roles in managing this crisis. We thank them for their prompt response to the handling of the situation. In particular, we note the performance of the National Commission for Emergency Management, our valiant armed forces, the Royal Oman Police, the security services, the forward-coming citizens and residents, the Shelter and Relief Sectors, the support services, the private sector firms, the non-governmental organisations, the volunteer teams—who all gave excellent examples of citizenship.

“May the Almighty Allah protect Oman and its people!”


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