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Announcement on how to register Lebanese non-residents to vote in the 2022 Parliamentary elections

The Embassy of Lebanon in Canberra

The Consulate General of Lebanon in Sydney

The Consulate General of Lebanon in Melbourne

The Embassy of Lebanon in Canberra

The Consulate General of Lebanon in Sydney

The Consulate General of Lebanon in Melbourne

Would like to announce the opening of the registration for non-residents Lebanese (born 20 March 2001 and before) to vote in the 2022 parliamentary elections from October 1, 2021 until November 20, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Beirut time, by adopting one of the following methods:

1- Electronic registration by accessing the registration site which will start operating on Friday 1/10/2021: or by entering the Ministry's official website and then clicking on the registration page.

If this method is chosen, then the following steps should be taken:

- Step 1: Create an account- enter personal information (name, surname, phone and email address),

- Step 2: Activate the account - The non-resident Lebanese will receive a text message on his/her email and must click on the link in this message to activate the registration account,

- Step 3: Choose the address - enter information about the country of residence, the mission, the state and the city where the residence is located.

- Step 4: Specifying the name on the electoral lists - the language must be selected to complete the filling out of the form:

• If you choose the Arabic language, then the required personal information must be filled out: Province, Casa, Town, and Registration number.... a search is then performed to locate the name on the electoral lists. The information on these lists can be modified in case of any error. If the name is not found on the electoral lists after the search; the entire profile can be added.

• If you choose the English language, then the entire profile can be added in that language.

Step 5: Download documents:

• Mandatory first document: Lebanese identity card or Lebanese census extract or Lebanese passport.

• A second mandatory document:  residency card or a Lebanese passport with an immigration visa or work permit, Australian passport or Australian driver's license.

2- Register by attending the offices of the Missions in person or by letter signed in accordance with the rules and filling out the registration form attached below.

If this method is chosen, then the attached form can be manually filled out by the expatriate at the offices of the Missions and the above documents attached. The information will to be entered later into the electronic registration program by the missions.  

Attending the offices of the Missions for registration is subject to the health conditions and a limitation imposed by the Government due to THE CORONA VIRUS and requires a prior appointment by contacting the Missions.


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