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Hobeika: A statesman and an exceptional leader who devoted his life in service to Lebanon

Hobeika: A statesman and an exceptional leader who devoted his life in service to Lebanon

Sep 14, 2021

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Lebanon - El-Matn - The family of the martyred President Bashir Gemayel celebrated the thirty-ninth anniversary of his martyrdom and his companions with a mass in St. Michael Church in Bikfaya.  It was headed by Father George Hobeika, and with the assistance of Father George Al-Jalakh and the parish priest Father Elie Mazloum, and served by the choir of Our Lady of Louaize led by Father Khalil Rahma.


After the Bible was recited, Father Hobeika delivered a sermon in which he said: "From 630 to 1982, Lebanon celebrated the Exaltation of the Cross with all the churches of the Middle East and the world. Since 1982, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross in Lebanon has become the anniversary of the martyrdom of President Bashir Gemayel, the statesman, the exceptional leader who spent his life without any expense of service to Lebanon. He was aware of the fragility and grandeur of life, of the bleeding entity and saw that life and death were intertwined, and he was not afraid of anything, and he had exceptional boldness. 

Hobeika spoke about "the first thing Bashir Gemayel did after his election, where he visited the Institute for the Handicapped in Beit Shabab to see the permanent witnesses who were tormented daily, and his famous words were: I bow before the blood of every martyr who fell in this country."

He said: "When he was elected president, he became president for everyone, and he carried the concerns of every human being in this country, who is the rebel and the rebellious over everything, and the tragedy we are living in today was described by President Bashir as a policy of procrastination, not treatment, and he dealt with time differently, the time given to us To work without any delay.

He added: "He was imbued with the madness of the cross. During the 21 days after his election, Lebanon lived a wedding in the meeting, and he was crazy about Lebanon, this is the logic of the cross. In the 21 days of his reign, everyone, including himself, recognized the regularity of the Lebanese state, as President Bashir Gemayel had disrupted the accumulated Ottoman heritage that humiliated and blackmailed the citizen, made state administrations a space for man and defended the unique Lebanese formula.

He continued, "The great calamity we are going through is because we do not have a statesman. The difference is vast between a politician who thinks about the success of his party and a statesman who thinks about the success of his country, and this makes us realize why Lebanon deteriorated, retreated and fell into the abyss."

He concluded: "Bashir Gemayel was martyred for the sake of Lebanon, which is a reference to the world. Therefore, the destiny of Lebanon will be nothing but the permanence of life."


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