" ...the "President of the Parliament" has reached the conviction that the "President-designate" does not want to form a government in the foreseeable future..."

OPNION: Lebanese president makes a big decision...

Lebanese president makes a big decision...

June 6, 2021

Hassan Al-Hassan - Persistence

There is nothing new at the moment, not only in the governmental issue, but at the level of the Lebanese political scene as a whole, especially in light of the failure of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri to respond to the initiative of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, which aims to form the expected government, which aims (that is, the initiative) in its true dimension. To try to save the former, and re-float it, through the efforts of the latter, which lead to the return of his partner in power, the head of the "Future Movement", to the Grand Serail, thus trying to consolidate the foundations of the ruling system or the deep state, which has held the majority of the joints of official institutions for three decades, a prominent parliamentary source said.

He asserts that the "President of the Council" has reached the conviction that the "President-designate" does not want to form a government in the foreseeable future, amid the absence of American support, and the continued presence of the Saudi refusal to create a new government in Lebanon at the present time, pending the crystallization of the regional situation, especially what may result is the Iranian-American negotiations on the one hand, and the Iranian-Saudi dialogue that started in Baghdad in the past weeks on the other hand, and always according to the source’s opinion.

In response to the above, parliamentary sources in the Strong Lebanon Bloc confirm that Hariri does not want to form a government at all in the foreseeable future, especially in the absence of Saudi support for the birth of a new government, revealing that the President of the Republic will take the necessary and appropriate constitutional measures, to end the state of procrastination in the process the formation of the government, without disclosing the details of these procedures. However, the sources assert that it will be effective and influential, and will put an end to the continuation of the systematic obstruction, fabricating lies, and spreading rumors aimed at misleading local and non-local public opinion, and deluding it that “the President of the Republic and his team are obstructing the birth of the government at a time when Hariri rejects all exits and solutions aimed at accelerating Birth". And he concluded by saying: "We will appeal to all those who are concerned, to end this abnormal situation."

In this context, a reference in the March 8 team is likely to continue Hariri and his partners in the systematic disruption, according to the reference. He considers that this systematic and continuous disruption dates back to the time of the plan of former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2019 aimed at creating a political vacuum and great economic pressure, then reaching security chaos in Lebanon, and assigning responsibility for this to the President of the Republic and his ally, H-Hezbollah, to pit the street against them, in repeated attempts to isolate the "president" and besiege the "party", if this plan succeeds.

The reference believes that Pompeo's plan, which is still in place, and may end the day after the administration of US President Joe Biden sets out its new policy in the Middle East, it is likely that this policy will crystallize, following the results of the Iranian-American negotiations regarding the Iranian nuclear file, and these negotiations may include various issues. Stuck in the region, including: the war on Yemen and Gaza, the economic war on Lebanon and the attempt to disrupt the constitutional institutions in it. The reference concludes by saying firmly, "President Aoun will not sign the instrument of handing over the country to its thieves under any circumstances, and no matter how smart the smart people are."

In the same context, an official reference in the Al-Maq-Ouma axis considers that Hariri’s aforementioned obstructive approach is completely identical with the Saudi policy towards Lebanon at the current stage, regardless of the differences within the Saudi house, asking what are the reasons that prompt Saudi Arabia to release the file. The formation of the Lebanese government, at a time when it is still stumbling in its war on Yemen, and in the absence of any new vision for US policy in the region. The reference does not see any solution on the horizon before the clearing of the regional situation.

Hassan Al-Hassan - Persistence (This article was translated from Arabic)


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