Here’s how Western Sydney wins big from the budget
Women in Cumberland encouraged to join local ranks to help shape local government ahead of elections
A meeting with a member of the political bureau of the Free Patriotic Movement, lawyer Wadih Akl
Media personality Amer Al-Shaar, hosted by businessman Imad Matar
Parramatta’s bold pitch to the world: Start your story here
Sophie Cotsis MP responds to the feedback she received...
Salama: Lebanon is a victim of an external decision implemented by internal agents
AFIC Supports Senator Fatima Payman’s Stance on Palestinian Rights
Considering these alarming developments, AFIC calls upon the Australian government to assert its role on the international stage and support efforts in the United Nations to recognize the State of Pal
Commemorating the Nakbah – The Great Catastrophe
Artists find a new home in Granville as new studios open
Netanyahu’s Boomerang
From Australia, World news in Brief
Iran Helicopter Crash LIVE Updates ...
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and foreign minister killed in
helicopter crash
Dutton condemns “irresponsible” Budget
The Treasurer used his budget speech to spruik his government's economic record. But did he stick to the facts?
This year's federal budget offers a preview of what the next decade of climate wars will look like
Peak education bodies warn against government cap on international student numbers
Foreign Minister Penny Wong says: "This resolution that we have supported is about long-term peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians — I truly believe that the only path to securing peace and security for Israel is with the establishment of two states."
Shadow Foreign Minister Simon Birmingham:  “Argued the federal government had "put the cart well and truly before the horse". more

“Enough”: Haggarty raises his voice loudly it demands action on upgrading Edmondson Street
Club Austral Management w Nathan Hagarty MP - Edmondson Avenue
With hundreds of signatures already collected, Mr Hagarty has urged the community to sign and share the petition at to ensure the upgrade of Edmondson Avenue begins as soon as possible. more

Thousands of South-West Sydney motorists rewarded with demerit points wiped
Nathan Hagarty and Charishma Kaliyanda
Minister for Roads, John Graham said:
“If you drive for a living then the reward for safe driving could be the difference between ongoing employment and losing your livelihood.
Member for Leppington, Nathan Hagarty said:
"For most in Leppington driving is the only option when travelling to work or simply carry out daily life. 
Member for Liverpool, Charishma Kaliyanda said:
“The overwhelming majority of motorists in the Liverpool electorate rely on their cars for jobs and transport. This trial keeps safe motorists behind the wheel. more

OPEN FORUM MEETING with Lawyer Wadih Akl
OPEN FORUM MEETING with Lawyer Wadih Akl more

AFIC Calls for Australian Government Action in Light of ICC Arrest Warrants
‘The arrest warrants only show that world must take action to stop the killings now, they must force Israel to stop military action and find alternate ways to solve the crises’ said Dr Rateb Jneid President of AFIC.
We demand the Australian Government to demonstrate its commitment to these values by implementing military sanctions against Israel and supporting the ICC’s efforts to end impunity for war crimes.’ continued the President of AFIC. more

Thousands participate in the procession welcoming the Replica of the Tomb of Saint Charbel and relics in Punchbowl.
The Replica of the Tomb of Saint Charbel and relics
A part of the procession
His Excellency Bishop Antoine Charbel Tarabay:
“Saint Charbel left to us a wealth of spiritual blessings and grace. In his silence, he spoke volumes. In his humility, he gave witness to the immensity of the union between humanity and the divine”.
More than 40,000 miracles happened by the grace of God and the intercession of Saint Charbel all over the world.
“This shrine here today is to become a beacon of spirituality, one that instils hope in the hearts of all pilgrims who...” more

AFIC Denounces Victorian Parliament’s Ban on Keffiyeh as a Suppression of Solidarity with Palestine
Dr. Rateb Jneid, President of AFIC, stated, "To ban the keffiyeh on the grounds that it is 'political' is to ignore the moral imperative that compels us to stand in solidarity with those suffering under oppression."
"We will not be silenced," Dr. Jneid declared. "We demand a permanent ceasefire and insist on the right of every parliamentarian to express their solidarity without fear of censure or reprisal." more

The new Kuwaiti government takes the constitutional oath and the Amir of Kuwait said: “We will hold accountable those who neglect their work”
The new Kuwaiti government takes the constitutional oath and the Amir of Kuwait said: “We will hold accountable those who neglect their work” more

Western Australia boat arrivals: Four more asylum seekers found near Broome
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said Australia’s borders are secure. more

Stunning auroras light up skies across world as massive solar geomagnetic storm hits Earth
Skies around the world have shone with extraordinary colours overnight due to a rare solar weather event. more

Parramatta Library earns top honours in national design awards
City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Pierre Esber said the Library is fast-establishing itself as part of the City’s identity and one of the community’s best used facilities. more

From the River to the Sea: AFIC’s Vision for inclusive Justice
Dr. Rateb Jneid, President of AFIC, states, “Our stance is clear: we advocate for a future where every person in this region can enjoy the fundamental rights to which they are entitled.
AFIC’s interpretation aligns with the values enshrined in international law and human rights conventions. We believe that a just and lasting peace in the Middle East can only be achieved through mutual respect, dialogue, and the recognition of the rights of all peoples involved.
In reality, “From the river to the sea” symbolises our hope for a future where freedom and justice are not just ideals but realities for all. more

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