A day to reflect on what it means to be Australian
Australia’s best days are ahead, says Albanese
Kuwaiti cabinet condemns Houthis' cowardly attacks on Saudi Arabia, UAE
Sultanate of Oman makes statement on Ukraine crisis
OMAN-Egypt Joint Committee holds 15th session
There were 21,030 positive test results (cases) notified to 8pm last night, 29 people died
There were 18,512 positive test results (cases) notified to 8pm last night, 29 people died.
There were 15,091 positive test results (cases) notified to 8pm last night, 24 people died
FPM: To expedite the adoption of a budget that reflects the required reforms
Hillary Clinton speaks with Afghan girl hiding from Taliban
Is the political elite enjoying the economic gains coming to an end?
There were 20,148 positive test results (cases) notified to 8pm last night, 30 people died
From Australia News in Brief

The Kremlin has said it sees Nato as a security threat, and is demanding legal guarantees that the alliance will not expand further east,... 

Free use of Aboriginal flag secured for all Australians

Australian Open: Peng Shuai T-shirt ban reversed after outcry

COVID-19 settings remain in place to maintain community safety

Doctor Daniel Nour who founded mobile medical service for the homeless named 2022 Young Australian of the Year

Why some people don’t get Covid when others in their household are positive

Perrottet says NSW is 'truly blessed' as 1,000 retired teaches, uni students come forward to help schools stay open

Senior health experts, Qantas join line of critics to controversial WA hard border

Qantas workers fighting COVID-19 vaccination mandate lose court bid to avoid disciplinary action

NZ PM Ardern calls off wedding amid Omicron outbreak

Prince Harry trying to mend fractured relationship with Prince Charles

Pharmacists voice concern over rapid antigen test supply issues

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Twice the recognition for NSW in the Australian of the Year Awards

"They embody the Australian spirit and despite life’s challenges, have led the way in founding these life-saving initiatives and improving the lives of others.”

“The resilience and determination of both Daniel and Shanna inspires us all and I wish them both all the best in the year ahead."

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Kuwaiti FM addresses EU foreign ministers, invited to EU-GCC meeting

“I had the chance to provide the EU foreign ministers with our perspective in Kuwait regarding challenges that engulf us.” Kuwaiti Foreign Affairs Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah

“Your presentation was extremely interesting,” Cyprus Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulidis.

“Kuwait stands out as a close and reliable partner of the European Union.” EU High Representative Josep Borrell.

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Suspension of all conferences, exhibitions and group activities, provided that they are held without an audience

The Supreme Committee: Workplace attendance limited to 50%, Friday prayers stopped

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“But every step I’ve taken emanated from my concern for the Lebanese people’s best interest, which cost me my personal wealth and my foreign friendships.

Hariri announces suspension of political life

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“Council is taking every precaution to ensure everyone can have an enjoyable time in safety while celebrating everything good about Australia.”- Hornsby Shire Mayor, Philip Ruddock.

Our exciting Australia Day celebration in Hornsby Park.  It’ll be a Beauty, Rich and Rare!

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Bishop Tarabay ordains new priest as eparchy expands into Oceania

I am thankful to the numerous people in my life who have been praying for me, guiding, and supporting me ..." Father Michael Boudaher

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“If Russian forces cross the Ukrainian border, killing Ukrainian fighters, “that changes everything.”

US warns Russia of high price to pay if it invades Ukraine

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US and its allies will be united in a "swift, severe and united response" if the Kremlin ordered an invasion.

UKFO: There was information to suggest the Kremlin may "install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv as it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine"

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Kuwaiti FM’s visit to Lebanon a show of solidarity as he meets with President Aoun, PM Mikati and Speaker

Initiative reflects the distinguished relations between Lebanon and Kuwait,” Lebanese President General Michel Aoun.

Thanks for taking care of Lebanese residing in their second country, Kuwait.” Gen Michel Aoun.

I carried a message about Kuwaiti ... and international measures to build confidence again with Lebanon.” Kuwaiti FM Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah

What we asked for is that Lebanon not be a platform for any verbal or physical aggression.” Dr Sheikh Ahmed Nasser

Everyone’s desire is that Lebanon be stable, secure and strong.” Dr Sheikh Ahmed Nasser

We believe in building the state, which is what our brothers in the GCC countries desire.” Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi.

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From Australia News in Brief

"The HESC project is key to both Australia and Japan and our hydrogen industries.

Ukraine asks Australia to help combat Russian cyber attacks

All NSW students and teachers to receive COVID-19 tests before school starts

French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin dies rowing solo across Atlantic Ocean

COVID-19 spread 'slowing in the community' as NSW records 46 deaths

Headline acts for NSW Seniors Festival gala concerts announced

National Cabinet monitors latest COVID-19 developments

Our exciting Australia Day celebration in Hornsby Park.  It’ll be a Beauty, Rich and Rare!

Forget working from home -- why not live in an old office?

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Russia has denied it is planning any attack but President Putin has issued demands to the West, including that Ukraine be prevented from ...

Russia-Ukraine tensions: UK warns of plot to install pro-Moscow ally

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