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Lebanon is the homeland… and the embattled brother

Lebanon is the homeland… and the embattled brother

Lebanon’s people have endured a succession of ordeals whereby they pay the highest price for the mistakes of others. The culprits include national political leaders and external parties sticking their noses into Lebanon’s internal affairs, or malicious playing behind the scenes at the expense of the republic.

Lebanese of all political and religious persuasions must be made aware of these threats to their nation’s stability and security. Past experiences prove everyone suffers when conflicts flare up and the fires of sedition rage with them.

Whoever looks at the Lebanese scene feels great sorrow for the plight of the people confronted with a barrage of crisis. So, there was violence between protesters and security forces triggered by the investigation into the 2020 explosion in Beirut. Then, just days later, there is the crisis of Minister for Information George Kordahi’s statements causing further political complexity. The impact on the beleaguered population continues seemingly with no reprieve.

The Lebanese people are no longer able to cope with more poverty and deprivation, and they cannot bear more wars and acts of violence after they tasted their bitterness and suffered their scourge during the civil war of the last century.

The time has come for the Lebanese leaders of all sects to return to the dialogue table and work on unity and solidarity in order to preserve their nation’s sovereignty, stability, and coexistence.

What Lebanon is going through in crises and disastrous conditions makes it in dire need of support for its Arab brothers.  The successive developments related to the Gulf boycott, however, deepens the crisis and increases the pain. It is not in the interest of the Lebanese to be hostile to the Gulf or Arab countries that have always supported them in various circumstances and through previous crises. Also, Lebanon always remains a vital center for the Arab countries and a brother to them, and neither can dispense with the other. Any rift in their relationship will only go to serve the greedy and the enemies.

Therefore, we call on all parties to work to heal the rift, reject differences, and work with Lebanon to overcome its crisis. We also appeal to the political parties in Lebanon of different affiliations and religious leaders to cut off the road to opponents and enemies and close the doors of sedition. It is time to uphold allegiances and unit them in loyalty to Lebanon, the homeland of the cedars, which embraces all on its land.

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