Support your country, don’t help destroy it!

Support your country, don’t help destroy it!

We do not have one explanation about the “policy” of arson, vandalism, devastation and road blocks roads in Lebanon by demonstrators. We all have the right to demonstrate and to freedom of expression but without sabotaging public property. Do not give a golden opportunity to those who would sabotage the nation. Our pens will never get tired of repeating that corruption in Lebanon was not born today but the accumulation of decades.

Here, we must ask: Why are officials in Lebanon violating laws? Any attempt to hold them accountable and we see the sects’ heads race to defend them; on the one hand, fires, cutting off roads and vandalism spreading throughout the country.

Are these actions to protect the corrupt or what? Stolen money will not be redeemed through violence but by lifting protections for the corrupt and hold them accountable. We must also not forget the damage to the banking sector in Lebanon will be great as a result of the loss of confidence among Lebanese expatriates and the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

How long will leaders and officials in Lebanon remain above the law? As Lebanese, we hope that this time we will see radical solutions to the financial, health, political and economic chaos that is plunging the country of cedars into endless crises.

We add our voice to Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s recent call: “Everyone knows that we have corruption in Lebanon which is well protected by politics, politicians, sects and authorities. However, despite the corruption that crept into every artery in the state, none of the corrupt were held accountable except those who were uncovered because they left the umbrella of their protection.

We say to every Lebanese and all sects: do not protect the corrupt, make your one and only affiliation to your dear homeland, especially in light of the pandemic that caused millions around the world to seek help in returning to their homeland. Preserve Lebanon and do not protect the corrupt. Rather, put them on trial in order for the country to regain its health again. Support your country and your army; and do not be partners in destroying your first and last embrace, even intentionally.

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