The challenges awaiting US President with Palestine

The challenges awaiting US President with Palestine

US President Donald Trump’s Middle East tour generated a lot of enthusiasm, and cynicism as well in global media about the prospects for peace and justice in the region in terms of resolving the explosive regional crisis and human disaster in Palestine.

By resetting America’s relations with key regional players, Trump did what seemed unthinkable even a few months ago; promoting a message of tolerance and respect for Islam and the Muslim world.

As if he had, overnight, been transformed into a master politician, Donald Trump’s 27-hour trip to Israel has left many US-Israel analysts mystified. The New York Times referred to Trump as the “Liberace of world leaders”.

Apparently, Trump was expected to make his first foreign trip to Israel but he included Saudi Arabia and Palestine. Trump promised to make a historic deal possible. He will soon be tested and we will see if the US can finally assume the high moral ground and facilitate an honourable deal .

In order to restart negotiations in a way that has any chance of progress, Trump’s people will have to square the circle. They will have to mediate between two nations that speak different languages and hold completely different value systems, and more importantly, have different statuses. Israel has strong military equipment, Palestine has almost nothing.

What is needed to resolve this complex situation is a “responsible adult” who will seize authority to tell the two sides something along these lines: All the useless arguments must be pushed aside and focus must be placed on the core issue — courageous negotiations must be held on the core issues (borders, Jerusalem, refugees). Any other mode of action will only perpetuate the bloody conflict that embitters everyone’s lives.

 Is Trump the responsible adult who can conduct the mission? Many people might find the label “responsible adult” somewhat amusing when applied to Trump. His problem is that the sides themselves don’t really want to enter the negotiating room, despite statements to the contrary. It is doubtful that Trump could pull it off.

The trillion dollar question is if the unpredictable Trump can deliver on his promise of Middle East peace. Can Trump really make Israel understand the problems of the besieged Palestinians as an occupied nation?    

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