ANIC Encourages the Australian Muslim Community to Enrol and Vote in ...

ANIC Encourages the Australian Muslim Community to  Enrol and Vote in the Upcoming Federal Election on 21 May 2022

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) strongly encourage eligible Australian Muslims to enrol with the Australian Electoral Commission and exercise their civil right to vote in the upcoming Federal election. 

The Federal election will be held on 21 May 2022.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission Website: “It is compulsory by law for all eligible Australian citizens to enrol and vote in federal elections, by-elections and referendums.”

Voting is also an important opportunity whereby you can have your voice heard. Therefore, it is important to cast a valid vote. Doing so is also consistent with our duty to give political and representative leaders advice, and support those persons who show themselves to be trustworthy and of benefit to the country and Australian people. This may require voting to remove those public officers who bring harm to our society, for instance, by promoting xenophobia, inequity, racism and marginalisation of any community.

ANIC urges everyone to check the candidates in their federal electorate and carefully consider their positions. Attention should be paid to the following matters, by way of example, when reviewing the different policy positions: employment opportunities, health, education, law enforcement, immigration, foreign policies, safeguarding against religious discrimination, Religious Vilification, infrastructure, promotion of diversity and so on.

ANIC Spokesperson, Bilal Rauf, said “Voting is an important aspect of our citizenship. We need to engage with the processes of our country to help with ensuring its betterment and the improvement of the lives of all of its citizens. Recent official census shows that Muslims in Australia have a strong presence in over 35 Federal electorates. This demonstrates that Australian Muslims can have an important say as to the direction and political landscape of our country. We should not waste this opportunity or disregard it.”

You should also encourage your family and friends to vote. If you are bilingual, please consider assisting those who need help in understanding the voting processes.


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