FPM: Priority for cabinet formation

FPM: Priority for cabinet formation

20 Feb 2021

Lebanon – The Free Patriotic Movement’s political body held its periodic meeting electronically on Saturday, headed by FPM Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, following which it issued a statement emphasizing that “priority is to form a government that is at the level of people's expectations and assumes its responsibilities in facing the accumulated crises, starting with putting an end to the prolonged financial collapse.”

“Priority at the national level is to conduct a forensic audit of the Lebanese Central Bank’s accounts to unveil the truth, determine responsibility, conduct accountability, and work to restore people's deposits and rights,” the statement added.

The political body also called on the responsible judicial authorities to "expedite the completion of the investigation into the Beirut port explosion and issue the indictment that the Lebanese are awaiting, in preparation for the start of the trial and punishment of those found guilty.”


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