GEAGEA criticizes Nasrallah's positions, declares government formation delay

GEAGEA criticizes Nasrallah's positions, declares government formation delay

09 Jan 2021

Lebanon - Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, criticized on Saturday the recent stances made by Hezbollah's Secretary-General, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, especially with regards to the resistance rockets issue, in considering that "had it not been for these missiles, no one would hear or care about Lebanon!"

Geagea denounced this position, particularly since "it does not totally fall within the political context, but is more related to our existence, our heritage and our entity as Lebanese and contradicts with history and geography."

Referring to the Free Patriotic Movement, Geagea deemed that "it is the sole side capable of altering the equation at the present time," questioning, "What if the Movement separates itself from Hezbollah now? What will the political size of Hezbollah become?"

Speaking in an interview with "Al-Quds Al-Arabi", Geagea affirmed that "as long as the Lebanese army and the internal security forces perform their duties, we are safe and sound," pointing out that "at the present time we see that the army considers itself responsible for internal security, as it is for external security."

Touching on the delayed government formation issue, Geagea indicated that "this was expected from the very first moment, based on the nature of the ruling group and its pursuit of its own interests despite everything that is happening in Lebanon," expressing his belief that "the issue has nothing to do with President Joe Biden's assuming power..."

As for those who are proposing early presidential elections, the LF Chief considered that this does not present a rescue step at all, likening it to "ashes in the eyes", despite the Party's non-commitment to President Aoun's remaining in power.

At the regional level, Geagea ruled out a war possibility, while considering the military preparations as "warning messages so that Iran does not make any mistake and take any military action that would have no favorable consequences."

He also welcomed the Gulf reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, noting that "Lebanon's return to the arms of the Arab countries only requires us to return to the traditional policy of neutrality because all our interests lie within the Arab axis."


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