Life can be lonely at the top!

Life can be lonely at the top!

By: The Editor

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Every person makes mistakes and no one is perfect in this in-perfect world.

But as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian battles the fallout from her disclosure of a close personal relationship with disgraced former MP Daryl Maguire at the independent corruption commission, it's important to note that for everyone who works in public life to ensure their personal relationship should be separated from their public life as much as possible.

It is fair to judge the person who carried out a crime out of evil or greed so it is unfair to judge a person with innocent intentions, far from everything that is malicious.

But questions must be asked to determine the innocence of those intentions.

She herself said “Had I known any wrongdoing was done at any stage I would have not have hesitated to act”.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison assured her of his “absolute support” while Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said she “shouldn’t be judged” on a relationship.

"There is 100 per cent support for Gladys in the Parliamentary Liberal Party," NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman said but it’s worth noting that he spoke of party loyalty and not from a prosecutorial officer of the law.

Normally that may be true but not in politics and not when dealing with the leadership of the biggest state in Australia.

We had expected that she will be the last person to turn into ICAC, especially at a time when corruption is rampant. She has devoted all her strength and determination to serving the people, and interests, of NSW.

Since she took office as Premier of New South Wales, she worked hard and tirelessly, not least in combating the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to her tremendous efforts during the bushfires during last summer.

Maguire’s admission that he was running a cash-for-access operation out of his taxpayer-funded parliamentary and electorate offices was bound to blur the line between private and public life.

The case reinforces the need for discretion and care on the part of someone in the public spotlight.

We have seen elsewhere what happens when public officials act to serve their own interests.

Some would argue that if a person who made a mistake in performing his job while he was elected by the people, it is not fair for another person who had a personal relationship with him to pay the price as well. But people in positions of power cannot afford to be seen even potentially betraying public trust. There is an old saying: “Life is lonely at the top.” With good reason.


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