AOUN meets with Army Leadership Delegation on occasion of Army Day

AOUN meets with Army Leadership Delegation on occasion of Army Day

01 Aug 2020

Lebanon - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met at noon today at Baabda Palace with Army Chief, General Joseph Aoun, heading an Army leadership delegation, including members of the Military Council, Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Director of Orientation, Head of the Army Commander's Office, and Secretary of the Military Council.

In his word before the President on behalf of the delegation, the Army Commander congratulated President Aoun on the occasion of the 75th Army Day, saying: "Seventy-five years of honor, sacrifice and loyalty, a march crowned with achievements and sacrifices...a march led by hero soldiers, believing in the sanctity of defending the nation, in its land and people, and for its sake gave their blood and souls. Our Diamond Jubilee this year coincides with the centenary of Greater Lebanon, and there are many indications and lessons, especially in light of these delicate and exceptional circumstances that our country is going through, which require us to return to the essence of Lebanon's resurrection and its emergence, so as to draw from it what strengthens our association and faith in it."

"Your Excellency, ever since the founding of the Lebanese army in 1945 until the present day, its foundation constants have remained deeply rooted in it. No wars or policies were able to undermine it, and you have had the honor of leading it in one of its most delicate stages," the Army Chief added, drawing similarities between the critical past period and today, "with the tension currently witnessed in the nation being on the rise."

"However, hope remains pinned on your Excellency, because wisdom is your advantage, and we are inspired by this wisdom in how to manage crises and confront them in a manner that preserves the dignity of the citizen and the stability of the country," the Army Commander underlined.

He continued to assert that "ever since the outbreak of protest movements last October and the economic crisis and the spread of the Corona epidemic, the army has spared no effort to maintain security and stability and endure strenuous tasks with honor and pride, because what we do is a duty towards our homeland and our people."

Meanwhile, the Army Chief emphasized that the military institution has been immune against all accusations, charges and attempts to undermine its strong will and determination in fulfilling its duty and mission towards the nation.

General Aoun concluded his word by stressing that "regardless of all interpretations, accusations of treachery, and accusations of negligence to discredit it, our army will remain the guarantee and the main pillar for building the nation...Long live the army, long live Lebanon!"

In turn, the President of the Republic congratulated the military delegation on the Army Day occasion, thanking Army Chief Aoun and his accompanying delegation for their wishes on this honorable day.

The President commended "the role played by the military institution, in its officers, clerks and individuals, in maintaining security and stability in the country, especially during the current prevailing circumstances," vowing to "continue to work to bring the country to safety shore by finding appropriate solutions to the pending crises."


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