RAHI Supports Ambassador Shea

RAHI Supports Ambassador Shea

28 Jun 2020

Lebanon- Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi denounced, during Sunday Mass service, at the Patriarchal Church of Al-Diman, Judge Muhammad Mazeh’s decision to prohibit any Lebanese or foreign media outlet operating on Lebanese soil, whether audiovisual, written or electronic, from conducting any interview with the American Ambassador Dorothy Shea for a period of one year.

"We deeply regret the issuance of a sudden judicial ruling yesterday prohibiting a diplomatic figure representing a great state from expressing opinion, and prohibiting any Lebanese or foreign media outlets operating on Lebanese territory, whether they are audiovisual, written or electronic for a period of one year. We also regret that the decision was issued on a holiday and in violation of legal principles, thus distorting the image of the Lebanese judiciary, violating the constitution, the international treaties and diplomatic agreements," Rahi said.

On the other hand, the prelate considered that the Baabda meeting unfortunately increased the internal political division that originally caused the loss of confidence in all politicians and those in charge of state affairs.


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