Help us to tackle prejudice which is crippling our world

Help us to tackle prejudice which is crippling our world 


Dear Friend,
The Black Lives Matter protests that have swept around the world following the death of George Floyd in the United States have shown us that many communities are deeply divided, and that prejudice and fear of ‘the other’ risk destroying the social fabric of our global society.
Now, more than ever, the work of Together For Humanity is critical.
Will you please consider making a donation to our vital mission of curtailing prejudice and advancing understanding and inclusion?
Our Giving Campaign is focused on two of our activities - rolling out our new girls-only program and expanding our reach to work with school communities in regional Australia.
Your contribution is vital in helping us to shape confident, empowered young girls. Believe, Belong and Blossom is our new girls-only program for female high school students from diverse backgrounds. Supported by female mentors, girls are led on a journey towards self-confidence and self-belief, gaining a sense of belonging to a community, and blossoming as they realise their potential. A large number of schools are interested in participating in the program, but we need your support to roll it out more widely. It’s well known that investing in girls’ education transforms communities, countries and, ultimately, the entire world.


“I’m more open now, more open to everyone. When I see someone, I say ‘hi’ to them, I don’t just put my head down and walk off. I’ve been more interacting, more understanding. And it’s given me more insight to everyone around me.”



Please consider the all-too-common experience of children from non-English speaking backgrounds trying - and struggling - to integrate into their school communities. Some are refugees who have experienced trauma and had their education interrupted. Some have been subjected to the negative stigma of being ‘boat people’, terrorists or ‘refos.’ Some are even leaving school as a result of intolerable experiences of racism. Many of these children feel alienated from the general population, which reduces their opportunities in life and increases their risk of poor social or economic outcomes.
Please consider that there are many children in regional Australia who may never have met someone from a different culture. They might fear them. When they leave their immediate community, these students can be ill-equipped to navigate the challenges of diversity.


Regional program cost per student:  $97
Girls school term program cost per student:  $183
Girls program cost per session:  $550
Regional program travel and accommodation costs for team of three educators:  $1500



Together For Humanity works with school communities to help children learn how to deal with differences. We do not shy away from difference, rather we embrace it, and deal with it in an honest and authentic way. We explore how we can behave in ways that preserve respect, understanding and dignity towards all people.
Rest assured that the work we’re doing with young Australians to break down barriers is having an impact. Independent evaluation by Western Sydney University has found that our programs are effective in assisting students and teachers to challenge stereotypes, alleviate fears, deal with prejudice and develop empathy, mutual acceptance and belonging.
We are living through historic times. Recent events have shown that systemic racism is an ongoing problem for our global community. It’s clear we need to re-examine the ways in which we relate to one another.
The work we do in schools equips students and communities with the knowledge and skills to respectfully navigate diversity, and helps bring communities together.
We have a bold vision to increase our impact and curtail prejudice in Australia, but we need your help. We are counting on you to help us create a truly inclusive society, so please give generously.
Yours sincerely,

Zalman Kastel AM





Encore Screening of Overcoming Together

Thank you for your ongoing support of Together For Humanity.
We are excited to announce that on Thursday 25 June at 7.30pm AEST, we will be re-screening our virtual fundraiser Overcoming Together as a Facebook Premiere!
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