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Police investigate whether driver deliberately crashed car into Sydney Hijab House

Police investigate whether driver deliberately crashed car into Sydney Hijab House


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Police are working to determine whether the driver of a car that crashed into a Hijab House shopfront in Sydney's south-west, acted deliberately or not.

The 51-year-old man - known to police for prior traffic offences - allegedly crashed his vehicle into another car stopped at a traffic light, before ploughing into the Hijab House storefront at the intersection of Boronia and Waterloo Road in Greenacre.

 The driver was taken to Liverpool hospital for assessment, where he underwent mandatory blood and urine testing before being discharged.

He was then transported to Bankstown Police Station for questioning after which he was released pending further inquiries.

Paramedics have treated 14 people for injuries suffered in the crash; many with fractures. Police are urging anyone with any information to come forward.


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