Is Parramatta the last place in Australia to get the NBN?

Is Parramatta the last place in Australia to get the NBN?

NBN Co has recently admitted Parramatta CBD and parts of Rosehill and Harris Park will not be connected to the NBN until 2022.

Parramatta CBD was slated to be hooked up originally by 2016, then by December 2018 and then 2020.

Julie Owens, Federal Member for Parramatta, says she is deeply concerned by the delay.

“Parramatta is the second CBD yet we still don’t have the NBN,” Ms Owens said.

“Access to a reliable high speed internet connection is even more important during the Coronavirus crisis when so many people are working or schooling from home, and businesses are reliant on the online side of their business more than ever.

“While buildings built in the last few years have the NBN, for the rest of us, this pretty much makes Parramatta the last on the list.

“I have written to the Communications Minister, Paul Fletcher, asking him to intervene immediately to give the people of Parramatta access to the NBN as soon as possible.


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