Rahi calls for full compliance with official health instructions

Rahi calls for full compliance with official health instructions

21 Mar 2020

Lebanon – Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, stressed Saturday on the need for full compliance with the official health instructions, in an issued circular marking the “Holy Week”.

“Based on the recent developments of the spread of the Coronavirus, and the new instructions issued by the local governments to prevent this epidemic, we pray that God will have mercy on us and guide everyone to rationality and good behavior, and strengthen all health cadres in providing their services, and heal all infected people in the world,” the Patriarch said.

“We continue our prayers, fasting, and acts of repentance to God, so we would have His mercy on us and all of humanity, heal those afflicted by the emerging Corona virus diseease, protect the survivors, and inspire researchers and doctors to find an effective medicine to eliminate this epidemic and put an end to it,” al-Rahi said in his raised prayers to the Lord Almighty.

“Let this cruel blow be a call that leads to the birth of a new individual and a new world, in alignment with the Lord’s heart…With my love, my prayers, and my apostolic blessings…Christ has Risen!"


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